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Application of insecticide and fungicide products, prior dilution of the active ingredient in water, by hydraulic spraying (by liquid pressure) using nozzles which deposit the drops on an air current generated by a fan.

What is a pressure sprayer? Sprayer with Pressure maintained manually This is another system of sprayer rear pump which is permanently pumped by means of a side lever. It is used in particular to remove weeds, and includes specific accessories.

How do you use a sprayer? the secret of everything sprayer is to produce the atomization of the fluid to be sprayed, that is to say to transform it into small droplets which are those which form a fan-shaped jet. There are several ways to achieve atomization of this fluid, in our case paint or related materials.

What is the name of the sprayer? At the sprayer you call also sprayer, atomizer, sprayer or sprinkler.

What is an electronic sprayer? The sprayer manual electrostatic adds an electrical charge to the disinfectant droplets. So that it behaves like a magnet, adhering to the surfaces to be treated. Thus, it increases the effectiveness of the disinfectant.

What is a hydropneumatic sprayer? Hydropneumatic sprayers or atomizers hydropneumatic sprayer it’s no more What association with a sprayer the hydraulics of a fan to produce high-speed airflow, which what like the result gives an atomizer.


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What care should we have when using a sprayer?

Never leave insecticide products inside the sprayer. After each use wash equipment with plenty of clean water, once washed operate with clean water until What the cloud comes out clean and odorless.

What types of sprayers are there?

For Kind of expelled product

  • Atomizers.
  • Nebulizers.
  • Spray.
  • sprinklers
  • Centrifugal.
  • Projected jet.
  • Jet transported.

What is the difference between sprayer and atomizer?

A sprayer That is atomizer It is a tool used to produce a fine spray of a liquid, by means of a manual pump (rubber bulb or piston), based on suction due to the Venturi effect.

How is the water sprayed?

Pressure equipment for the micro-spraying of Water they operate between 56 and 70 bars, generating Water under pressure which when passing through the fine diffusers is sprayed into small microdrops which quickly I know evaporate into the environment, generating a pleasant sensation of freshness.

What is the difference between spraying and fumigation?

1. Grind something into powder. So, from these three perspectives, we decided to use the term fumigate because he understands that, according to the definition of the RAE, it is the one that adapts to what is meant: to fight pests with disinfectants of different characteristics: smoke, gas, steam.

What is the difference between a sprayer and a sprayer?

The sprayer I know difference of a fumigator to have a more balanced drop. It allows a more precise and equitable dosage of the liquid and lighter, generating an enveloping cloud. The sprayer It comes with the spray wand.

What is better a nebulizer or an atomizer?

The nebulizer It generates a continuous air flow but generating less turbulence than in atomizers and also the turbulence generated is less violent. very favorable to nebulizer there is the fact that with it you can treat entire rows, for example 2, on all their faces.

What are the advantages of electrostatic spraying?

What is the function of an atomizer?

This system provides the following advantage:

  • Degree of disinfection: eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Effective time: up to 10 times faster What traditional cleaning.
  • Greater coverage: up to 250 m²/hour.
  • More economical: 65% fewer chemicals are used.

What’s in the sprayer?

What's in the sprayer?

A sprayerflis flis, aerosol, spray, spray, atomizer, vaporizer or sprinkler it is a container in which a liquid is stored, What’s wrong with that a device at the top which allows this liquid to be expelled in vaporized form (reduced to very fine drops).

How does a water jet work?

It is based on Bernoulli’s principle when we pass air at high speed through a small tube we make the pressure of the tube very small and as the pressures tend to equalize and as we try to do this, is when it entrains the liquid which contains the spray and that’s why he comes out pulverized.

What is a centrifugal pulverizer?

The centrifugal sprayers they are used for ultra low volume (ULV) applications between 5 and 50 l/ha, forming drops of 50 to 150 microns, they operate at ambient pressure so that the drops reach the plants by gravity and use centrifugal nozzles.

What is the ideal working pressure for treating herbicides?

As reference values, it is recommended for the application of herbicidesuse flat fan nozzles pressures between 1.5 and 3.0 bar (in special cases it may be allowed pressures up to 5.0 bar), or deflecting nozzles (mirror) for the application of herbicides total action at low systemic volume (…

How to clean a sprayer?

It is best to use a damp cloth with neutral soap. On the other hand, if our sprayer it is pressure-retained and belongs to the Evolution range in the event of an obstruction in the chamber it will not be necessary to empty the tank to clean it. All you have to do is unscrew the camera, remove it and then clean it.

How is a sprayer calibrated?

correct calibration I know obtained by placing a pressure regulator between the tank of the fumigator and the key to exit, or maintaining permanent leverage. have no leaks. 3. Measure nozzle flow or liquid output at 40 pounds of pressure for one minute.

What is a rear pump?

Suitable for water, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, can also be used for cleaning and corrosion treatment. Suitable for water, fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, can also be used for cleaning and corrosion treatment.

What is an industrial sprayer?

The windmills sprayers They are responsible for transforming various materials into finer fragments or granules, depending on the purpose, and can operate in grinding processes with wet, mushy, oily and dry conditions.

What is a trailed sprayer?

In this sense, the trailed sprayer It is a relatively simple piece of equipment. What different types of systems are included: hydraulic, pneumatic, automation, machine element calculations What make the specificity of the breed.

How to vaporize gasoline?

Conical: The sprayed It takes place in a single conical jet, injecting 80% of the fuel at a certain angle (α80). This angle can be narrow (15º), medium (20º) or wide (25º). Dual: The sprayed This is done by forming two different fuel jets.

What is a motorized sprayer?

Concentrated product that cleans the surface of the engine quickly, removing impregnated greases, oils and fuels. It is the ideal option when a good cleaning without contaminants with toxic products is required.

What is a pulverizer grinder?

pulverizer grinder The turbine is the most efficient system for particle reduction and has various applications that help pharmaceutical, cosmetic and/or food industries that require grinding in their process.

How is it sprayed?

The best for grind indoor plants is to use a sprayer – there are many models on the market in which I know you can adjust the level of intensity of the production of drops or even recycle an aerosol can that we have at home.

When is the best time to spray plants?

should never spray when gives them direct sunlight; it is best spray at sunset just in case plants of Outside. Avoid grind in cacti and succulents. The plants of fleshy, velvety leaves don’t need excess of Water.

How to atomize water?

Atomization occurs when a stream of liquid breaks up into more or less fine droplets. The ideal jet consists of droplets of the same diameter. Atomization methods can be divided into hydraulic atomization and pneumatic atomization.

What is the difference between sprayer and atomizer?

What is the difference between sprayer and atomizer?

A sprayer That is atomizer It is a tool used to produce a fine spray of a liquid, by means of a manual pump (rubber bulb or piston), based on suction due to the Venturi effect.

What is spraying?

The spray It is a mechanical process of generating a large number of small particles (drops) of a mixture (mixture, suspension or dilution) of a commercial formulation of a chemical in a liquid, usually l water, placed in the tank of the machine.

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