What should you know before buying a chainsaw? – A PUZZLE

GUIDE: The keys to remember for choose one chain saw

  1. Wood to cut and use to give it away. The wood we are going to cut and the use we are going to give to our chain saw They are very important. …
  2. Types of chainsaws. …
  3. Sword length. …
  4. weight of the chain saw. …
  5. Frequency of use. …
  6. Quality and warranty.

What is the smallest Stihl chainsaw?

Small and functional 1.8 HP chainsaw.

Technical data Value

type of sword Rollomatic
chain step 3/8″P
String of characters STIHL Oilomatics Picco Micro 3 (PM3)
HP Power 1.8

7 additional lines

What is the best chainsaw brand? The better valued: chain saw Terradise 37 cc This chain saw It has a 35.5 centimeter sword, which makes it ideal for heavy duty work. Its 1300W two-stroke engine generates plenty of power that minimizes fatigue when using it to cut logs or even chop down trees.

What is the smallest Husqvarna chainsaw? 5. Husqvarna T525 – A professional pruning model. Husqvarna is one of the brands more recognized in the sector and that chain saw the small gasoline is your model more light, compact and handy.

How long does a chainsaw last?

Do you know how to choose the best chainsaws according to your needs?


Wood hardØ max 35cm Chain saw gasoline, semi-professional, bar 45cm max.
tree felling Chain saw professional, gasoline, sword over 45cm

3 more rows

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How much does a Stihl 22 inch chainsaw cost?

Stihl 22 inch chainsaw to Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico City for $2400 | Segundamano.mx.

How do you know if a chainsaw is good?

How to decide the size

  1. field and experience. Yes you are a beginner, choose one chain saw smaller What easier to handle. …
  2. Types of wood and tree sizes. Choose one chain saw bigger and more powerful Yes you want to fell large trees, especially hardwoods.

What does CV mean in chainsaw?

Power measurement units can be: HP (horsepower), resume (horsepower) or KW (kilowatt), although most commonly used for power tools (chainsawstrimmers, hedge trimmers, etc.) is HP.

What does CC mean on a chainsaw?

Heavy duty applications may require chainsaws 40 to 60 cubic centimeters and professional loggers usually use chainsaws of 60 cubic centimeters or more of displacement.

What is Stihl’s second brand?

In addition, the company, which employs nearly 9,800 people, invoices 2,088 million euros per year. Currently owns two Brands: stihl: oriented towards professional use. Viking: oriented towards home use.

What is the word Husqvarna?

Husqvarna You can refer to: Husqvarnaformer name of the Swedish town of Huskvarna, the original headquarters of the shipping company. HusqvarnaSwedish military company founded in 1689, manufacturer of muskets for the Swedish army.

How to cut a tree with a chainsaw?

How much does a Truper chainsaw cost?

Truper MOT-4520, Gas Chainsaw, 45 cc engine, 20″ bar

Term Per month Total

6 months interest free $649.20 $3,895.00
3 months without interest $1,298.34 $3,895.00

How much does a Stihl 250 chainsaw cost?

What should you know before buying a chainsaw?

Regular price: $356,690 VAT inc.

How many horsepower does a chainsaw engine have?

How many horsepower does a chainsaw engine have?

The chainsaws of gasoline with a cylinder capacity between 33 and 45 cm3 (i.e. a power of 1 to 3 horses steam #!) and with a bar length between 35 and 45 cm, they can cut hardwoods up to 35 cm in diameter.

How many times can the chainsaw chain be sharpened?

If you use a chain saw most of the day, this the ideal is Sharpen the string of characters with a folder every time you fill up. It is better to sharpen it a little more often than to wait a long time to sharpen it. In addition, you will enjoy more precision and you will be able to work more efficiently.

What happens in the chainsaw?

What happens in the chainsaw?

Mix oil and gasoline in a ratio of 1:50. cast the two substances in an approved fuel container and shake it to mix it. Carefully open the box and fill the chain saw with the fuel mixture.

What kind of fuel does a chainsaw use?

The engine of your chain saw runs on a mixture of gasoline and engine oil. The quality of these substances is crucial for the proper functioning and durability of the engine.

What is the best chainsaw for cutting trees?

1st place – Husqvarna 460 24″ 60cc chain saw Husqvarna Pro is the most powerful in its repertoire. It’s big so it’s ideal for To cut trees tall and to cut large hardwood logs.

Which is the best electric or gas chainsaw?

The chain saw Powered by gasoline It will give you more power and longer run time because it is not voltage dependent. One of the biggest advantages is its mobility, but also the extended operating time with more power than chainsaws battery powered.

What is the best Stihl or echo brand?

Both are quite comfortable and fit well. Accelerators, chokes and more are easily accessible and easy to locate. I will say that the Brushcutters of Chased are, on average, half a pound less than stock options. stihl.

How to know the size of a chainsaw?

To find out the chain pitch length of your chain saw, just measure the distance between three consecutive rivets and divide it by two, the result will give us the measurement. Here are the most common chain pitches that we find on the market: 1/4″ = 6.35 mm = 12.7 mm / 2. .

How to use a new chainsaw?

How is a chainsaw motor lubricated?

At the time of lubricate the chain of the chain saw it is enough to use a lubricating oil SAE between 30 or 40 and with a good degree of adhesion.

What is 26CC?

A cubic centimeter, commonly abbreviated as cc, is a widely used unit of volume that is equal to the volume of a cube measuring 1 cm in height, width, and length.

Who makes the Husky chainsaw?

Swedish Hoarse Power is a traditional brand What has been able to penetrate perfectly into different markets.

What type of oil does a Husky chainsaw use?

Fuel tank capacity: 550ml. Oil chain: Oil SAE#40 engine.

How much does a Stihl 250 chainsaw cost?

What should you know before buying a chainsaw?

Regular price: $356,690 VAT inc.

How much does a Stihl 361 chainsaw cost?

How much does a Stihl 361 chainsaw cost?

$790,000. – vat inc General characteristics – Anti-vibration system.

What is the biggest Stihl?

Powerful 7.6 hp high performance chainsaw

Technical data Value

Power_ HP 7.6
Weight kg 1) 9.8
Sword length cm 75
Displacement cm³ 121.6

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