What to sow and what to plant in March in the garden

What to sow and what to plant in the garden in March is the question to be answered at the beginning of this month, because March is the last month of winter and there are many things that we can grow in the garden.


Also, this month is a good time to prepare the ground for the following season. It can be used to add organic fertilizer, remove soil from hedges and shrubs and prepare furrows for planting. This is an ideal time to clean the paths of the orchard, repair the walls, remove weeds and prevent possible pests with natural products.


What else to plant in March

Let’s see some of the vegetables that we can start sowing in March in the garden.


It’s a good time to Swiss chardAlthough it can be done at any time of the year. The time of chard harvest it’s between 3 and 4 months, so if you sow in March, you would harvest in May.


Basil is sown between March and May, and if we were to sow now in two months, in May, we would already be taking advantage of this plant and its culinary possibilities. We have several articles dedicated to this plant, where we explain how to plant basil, how to breed basil by cutting or how to get basil seeds of the plant itself.

Basil Genovese large leaf – ECO

Basil Genovese large leaf – ECO

  • It is also an insect repellent
  • Widely used in cooking, it acts mainly on the nervous system as a sedative and to promote digestion.
  • Height: 20-40 cm Sowing: Spring in nurseries or beds; Collection: May to June or June to October
  • Use: The leaves, flower tops and essential oil are used


plant artichokes This is something we can also do from this month until June. The ideal pH for this crop is slightly alkaline. I already explained how to measure soil pH in multiple posts and videos, as well as how it can be edited. Likewise, it adapts to all soils.


Beans can be sown since last February, and the growing season lasts until June. Depending on the case, between 5 and 7 months after sowing, they can be harvested.

what to sow in march


Except in summer, celery is a crop that can be sown almost all year round. The harvest period is 4 months, so by sowing in March the harvest will be ready to take place in July.


Another vegetable that we can grow are eggplants. plant eggplant It has a period of 5 and 6 months not counting from sowing, and the sowing time is from January to April. Sowing in March allows harvesting between August and September.

ROUND Black Beauty Eggplant

ROUND Black Beauty Eggplant

  • Midsized. Very fleshy interior with few seeds
  • Semi-round fruits 10 to 12 cm in diameter
  • Cultivation method: In the nursery, after transplanting when the plants are about 12 cm tall. In a 60×80 cm frame
  • Sowing: from December to April
  • Harvest: from 150 days


Borage can be sown in the orchard from September to April, and the harvest period is between 2 and 4 months, so planting in March will allow harvesting between May and July.


Another vegetable that we can sow in March is zucchini. Having this crop in the garden is a very good idea, as it is one of the most versatile vegetables. Until May we can plant zucchiniand we harvest it between 3 and 5 months later, that is to say from June to August.

Germisem Organic Italian Green Zucchini Seeds 3 g

Germisem Organic Italian Green Zucchini Seeds 3 g

  • strong and productive
  • Long green fruits with yellow stripes
  • Sow from March to April indoors and plant in a sunny location
  • Leave a distance of 100 cm between the plants
  • Harvest from July to October when the fruits are 6 to 8 inches long.

annual chives

The annual chive is a crop that begins in February and the period for sowing it is until May. If we start it this month, as it lasts 3-4 months, the harvest will be in May or June.


Parsnip can be planted from March to October, and since the harvest period is around 5 months, by planting in March, we would harvest it in August.

which can be sown in March


Coriander is one of the herbs that you can start planting, just like basil. The season is from now until May, and since it takes about 4 or 5 months to grow, in July we could already start enjoying the aroma, properties and flavor of this herb in our dishes. .

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts can be started from March to August. It takes about 5 or 6 months to be ready to harvest, so if we sow now we will harvest it between August and September.

Red cabbage

Red cabbage can be sown in March, and its period is until August. The harvest can be done between September and November, since it takes between 6 and 8 months.

SAFLAX - Organic - Cabbage - 250 seeds - Brassica...

SAFLAX – Organic – Cabbage – 250 seeds – Brassica…

  • Deep red color with a firm heart – Abundant harvest in late autumn and winter
  • 250 certified organic seeds per pack. Quality seeds from Germany.
  • With detailed instructions for successful propagation.
  • Red cabbage is probably a mutation of white cabbage which originated in southern Europe and reached central Europe via the Alps in the Middle Ages. It was first described here by…
  • Red Drumhead is a historic variety that develops dense leaves with a firm, dark red heart that can be harvested from fall through winter. ….. (In the photos it is…

sprouts or cabbage

plant cabbage or cabbage It’s something that you can start in February and go into August, and you can harvest it 3 to 5 months later, so we will harvest between July and August.

It needs a good amount of nutrients to grow. We can improve the substrate with homemade natural fertilizers. One of my favorites, as readers of this blog already know, is the earthworm humus.


Since last month (February), you can start plant asparagus, and the period is up to May. I recommend the post on asparagus carebecause it has its peculiarities.

Green asparagus MARY WASHINGTON

Green asparagus MARY WASHINGTON

  • Variety of asparagus used for white and green asparagus
  • Grow in rows about 20cm apart or broadcast in the nursery
  • It is sown from February to May.
  • At the end of autumn, all the vegetation on the surface of the ground is cut.


March is a good time to plant potatoes, and its timing is from February to May. The period from planting to harvesting lasts about 3 or 4 months.


plant cucumbers It’s something you can do in March, and until June. The period varies between 5 and 7 months.

What else to plant in March

In March, you can also sow or plant certain varieties of vegetables such as peas and beans, lettuce, sweetcorn and popcorn, beets, rutabagas, chicory, chicory, peppers, leeks, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes and carrots, as well as herbs. like lavender, parsley, thyme or fruits like watermelon and melons.

What to sow or plant in March in the Southern Hemisphere

Summer is ending in the southern hemisphere. This is a good time to start growing thyme, endives, celery, peas, pumpkins, chickpeas, parsnips, leeks, spring onions, broad beans, valerian, carrots, chard, beets, peas, white beans, borage, spinach, lettuce, radish, mushrooms and mushrooms.

what can be planted in march

Autumn starts at the end of this month, so for people in the south, I recommend the post on what to sow and what to plant in autumn and achieve the best harvests, or the post on 7 productive ways to enjoy the garden in fall and winter.

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what to sow in march

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