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Tahitian bridal veil is a beautiful plant with delicate white flowers that adds a nice touch to the interior and has lush green foliage.

It owes its unique name to the way this flower flows over a container, giving it the appearance of a veil.

Green leaves with a hint of white give any room a touch of tranquility and soothe the eyes.

It is best placed in baskets or containers and also makes a great gift to put a smile on someone’s face just by looking at this beautiful plant.

However, have you had any problems recently? Why isn’t your Tahitian wedding veil blooming? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Read below why your Tahitian wedding veil is not blooming.


Why is my Tahitian bridal veil plant not flowering?

a chamomile flowerTahitian bridal veil plants love sunlight, so if you notice that they are not flowering, you may need to check first whether they are getting enough sunlight or not.

Also check the fertilizer you are using. A high nitrogen fertilizer promotes leaf growth, not flower growth.

So try using a fertilizer rich in phosphorus to speed up the growth of the flowers in your bridal veil.

Overwatering a bridal veil plant also often results in slow flower growth and may often not bloom at all.

So maybe try watering the plant less if you water it too much and check the top layer of your plant if it is dry, then water your plant; otherwise, you omit it for a few days to allow flower growth to be stimulated.

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why is this my tahitian Is the plant of the bridal veil dying?

You may have looked at your Tahitian bridal veil plant and wondered that no matter what you do, you can’t bring that plant back to life.

There can be many reasons why your bridal veil factory is dying. This plant is also not an easy plant to grow.

If you see your Tahitian bridal veil plant dying, you may need to review the following conditions for your plant.

  • Are you getting enough sun?
  • Are you getting too much sun?
  • Are you giving the plant too much or too much water?
  • The fertilizer you are using may not be the right one for your bridal veil plant.

why is this my tahitian Does the base of the bridal veil turn brown?

The reasons your Tahitian bridal veil plant fails can be due to temperature, soil conditions, watering, repotting, and mildew.


However, a Bridal Veil plant is not too fond of sunlight, it likes bright light.

They should not be exposed to too much sun for more than a few hours a day, as too much sun can brown the leaves.

If your plant is outdoors, try placing it in a shady spot where direct sunlight does not reach the plant.

If you are indoors, try moving the plant to a brighter location for several hours before moving it back to a shady area.

ground conditions

The Bridal Veil plant does not need soil that is too acidic or alkaline.

It requires basic soil to thrive and thrive and if the plant does not get the correct pH levels the leaves can turn brown.

Ideally, you should change the soil once a year to provide the plants with basic nutrients and softer soil to encourage flower and leaf growth as they reach the roots.

Iron and nitrogen deficiencies also cause the plant’s leaves to turn brown, so try to use homemade fertilizer regularly in the summer and slow down in the winter.


If you overwater a bridal veil plant, the leaves will turn brown. It’s always best to keep the soil moist, but not to saturate the roots.

Provide a pot with drainage holes to drain the roots of the bridal veils.

Also check your plant’s soil daily to make sure it’s not getting too dry, as this can also cause the plant to turn brown.

Water the plant every other day to give it just the right amount of moisture it needs to thrive.

If you need help watering your plant, try this Automatic drip irrigation kit.


Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your plant and you may just need to repot it to prevent the leaves from turning brown.

Be sure to use a good container for your plant, otherwise stunted roots can cause the leaves to brown or wilt.

Simply divide the plant by cutting it into small roots and repot or simply take the whole plant and put it in a new pot.

If you are using a new pot, be sure to wash it well to prevent bacteria growth and if you are using clay pots, be sure to soak them for a few hours before using them.


Sometimes the main cause of browning of the leaves of bridal veil plants is due to fungi, bacteria or other insects.

These can find their way into your bridal veil plant through contaminated pots and cause the leaves of your plant to turn brown.

Minor infestations often hide the plant when placed outdoors, so be sure to wash containers to prevent bacterial growth.

final thoughts

small white flowersThe bridal veil plant is a beautiful plant that adds to the beauty of your home whether you place it indoors or outdoors.

Sometimes this plant can be a little difficult to manage, but ideally, if you give it the proper care it deserves, you should see your bridal veil plant growing and flowering in no time, adding life everywhere. where you keep the plant.

Giving it the right conditions will stimulate the growth of this plant and encourage the growth of its pretty flowers.

It doesn’t need too much sun and it doesn’t need a lot of water either.

If you don’t expose this plant to direct sunlight, you will see this plant grow in no time. If your plant has trouble finding light, try East to help control lighting.

Over or under watering will also cause this plant to die quickly, so be careful not to over water or over water.

This plant is sure to brighten up wherever you place it and have a calming effect on the eyes! Happy gardening!

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