Wooden Venetian blinds: the “must haves” of a house with a garden

Although the organization and decoration of the garden is an important factor that we have focused on in this blog, it is also in the house that we must focus our attention, since it mainly affects our quality of life.

In Spain we can enjoy a large number of hours of sunshine, even more in the south, so the placement of blinds to control the entry of light For us it is essential. This is where today’s “must have” comes in, wooden Venetian blinds.

This curtain system has the advantage of being a happy medium between a blind and a curtainbecause there are many types of windows that do not have a traditional shutter system, such as rural houses, large windows or newly built houses with good orientation.

In this article, we talk about the characteristics of wooden venetian blinds for the home that offers us both privacy and light control, as well as its advantages and the different types that we can find on the market.


What are wooden Venetian blinds?

This classic awning system has once again imposed itself on the user thanks to the ease of installation and due to its low cost compared to other more technological solutions, a sign that the retro is coming back as long as make life at home easier.

Venetian blinds are made of slats of wood or another material, such as plastic, connected by a cord that helps regulate the intensity of light entering the house, while providing privacy between the outside and the interior. inside.

The raising or lowering of the slats is controlled by a cord with which by pulling, the slats rise, and by releasing the cord, the slats can descend. His Easy to use makes it a very durable and reliable option.

On the other hand, his installation is absolutely simple. Basically, they are hung with screws on the wall or even on the ceiling so that when unfolded they cover the entire surface of the window.

You don’t need to install rails like in the case of curtains or any type of larger work like in the case of slatted blinds in a house. This has made it a simple and effective solution for the home.

Installation of Venetian blinds

Advantages of wooden Venetian blinds

Compared to blinds or any other type of blind that does not involve major installation work, the advantages of wooden Venetian blinds are:

Private life: Just as one can control the entry of light, a wooden Venetian blind offers added value through privacy, especially when enjoying a garden to which the master bedroom provides access.

Great resistance: If the Venetian blind is made of wood or very durable components, we will ensure that you enjoy it for many years.

Adaptation to all types of windows: in the market we can find different measures and sizes or, if necessary, a tailor-made manufacture for each solution. From large Venetian blinds for giant windows in offices or large living rooms, to small windows in the kitchen or even the bathroom.

Light intensity control: Unlike curtains, you can play with the control of light, obscuring its entrance or even completely blocking its incidence. We can achieve different levels of light intensity depending on the distance between the wooden slats.

Ease of cleaning: the wood is very easy to treat and clean with a cloth soaked in a wood-based product, in the same way as we do with household furniture.

Ease of repair: As it is a very simple component to install, in the event of a slat or cord breaking, repair is very simple and inexpensive, unlike other types of awnings or awnings where it can require repair by a professional. Moreover, if due to the incidence of the sun the wood has lost its original appearance, the task of sanding and varnishing is very simple to leave our Venetian blind like new again.

Adaptability of designs: As wood is very easy to process, in the catalog of Venetian blinds we are going to find an immense variety of colors and shapes, which is going to be more complicated in the classic blinds of a house.

Design and installation of Venetian blind prices

The ease of installation is an additional point that has led to the return of its use compared to other more modern solutions, but as if that were not enough, the price is also an interesting factor that accompanies the product.

Wooden Venetian blinds have a market price of between €50 and €75 for a normal single-leaf window, so it is a cheaper option than blinds or Japanese curtains or horizontal movement.

In terms of design, integration is absolutely simpleespecially in rural houses and houses with gardens, since the use of wood in the house is valued and presents itself as a point of connection with the outdoor spaces made up of plants, shrubs and trees.

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