10 homemade fertilizers for plants and ecological fertilizers that we can do

Do our own fertilizer ecological and homemade fertilizers for plants is one of the simplest and most interesting things we can do. As we know, plants need nutrients in order to grow and develop. Among those most in need are nitrogen, potassium and phosphorusin addition to others, to a lesser extent.

ecological fertilizers

As I mentioned, providing nutrients to our plants is the most important thing. We are therefore going to see 10 homemade fertilizers for plants that we can prepare at home in a simple way to provide nutrients and vitality to our edible and ornamental crops.


Eggshells to provide calcium

Eggshells help us in the garden or urban garden to provide the calcium that plants need. Although at first it will not be assimilated by plants, it will be in the future, so it is worth adding eggshells from time to time. One of the simplest and most effective home fertilizers for plants.

CULIVERS Calcium and Boron fertilizers of 1 kg.  Fertilizer...

CULIVERS Calcium and Boron fertilizers of 1 kg. Fertilizer…

  • Ecological water-soluble fertilizer with calcium and boron to improve firmness, fruit set and cracking problems.
  • FORCE-Ca+B ECO brings firmness and quality to fruits thanks to its excellent penetration capacity and efficient translocation of nutrients to areas of demand.
  • FORCE-Ca+B ECO is a stable formulation of calcium, boron and amino acids, whose high organic content gives it an added advantage as a plant metabolism activator.
  • Prevents and corrects calcium deficiency states; especially those in which boron is involved.
  • It constitutes a basic contribution in the phenological phases of fruiting and fruiting, so important to ensure productivity.

Banana tea to provide potassium

Banana peels are a very cheap source of potassium in our plants. In the video we can see a simple and soluble way to apply potassium to our plants, which will be useful during the flowering season or for bulb plants.

Ash to provide phosphorus

The ashes from our fireplaces or our barbecues can be used as homemade fertilizer for plants, to bring nutrients to the garden.

homemade plant fertilizer

Of course, in general, wood ash contains a lot of calcium and potassium, and also silica, magnesium, phosphorus, a little sulfur and very little nitrogen. If we wanted to add more phosphorus, we would also have to burn some animal bones. This ash would contain a 16% phosphorus.

Complete supply of worm humus

the earthworm humus It is one of the most complete and balanced homemade fertilizers for plants that we can bring to our crops. It is also super easy to prepare and does not require much effort, and it has the advantage that we will do it with our own vegetable waste. In order to avoid contaminating them and throwing them away.

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Liquid Humus Compo, Healthy Growth of Fruits and Vegetables,…

  • Stimulates biological life in the soil: optimizes water and nutrient retention capacity, promotes seed germination, stimulates root growth
  • Suitable for organic farming, advice for use: 2 to 5 applications at different stages, dilute 5 ml of humus per liter of water
  • Recommended dose: for vineyards, olive trees, fruit trees and nurseries 20-30 ml/10 m², for vegetables 25-35 ml/10 m²
  • Suitable for year-round use, instructions for use: shake before use, dose the desired quantity in the cap, water directly on the soil avoiding contact with the leaves
  • Contents: 1 x compo liquid humus, healthy growth of fruits and vegetables, suitable for organic farming, measuring cap, 1 l

Liquid worm humus for irrigation

If in addition to making humus, which we will use to prepare our pot or garden substrates, we also make liquid worm humus, we can use it to water our plants. In this way, we will provide them with this ecological fertilizer and in the form of irrigation, a large amount of additional nutrients that can be assimilated by the plants.

Rooting for cuttings

More than one of us has always loved a plant when walking in the mountains or in a park. Making a successful cut is much easier with this lentil rooting residence. Super easy to make and also very effective.

These ecological fertilizers can be made anywhere, even if we don’t have a garden or orchard. But if we can also or have the space, we can easily make other types of equally complete natural plant fertilizers that will help us to have healthier plants.

Nitrogen supply from green manures

the green manure It is a curious but very effective ecological fertilizer, because in reality it is a question of planting plants that help us to fix nitrogen and moreover we occupy the garden. A very interesting way to pay.

Compo Type of Fruits and Vegetables, Liquid Fertilizer...

Compo Type of Fruits and Vegetables, Liquid Fertilizer…

  • Healthy and aromatic fruits and vegetables: ecological potassium fertilizer for all types of fruits and vegetables, 100% natural materials, practical dispenser
  • Strong growth: natural active formula that provides the necessary nutrients from the first application, for the healthy development of plants and aromatic fruits
  • Easy to use: clean and safe dosing according to steps I to III marked on the cap (for 1, 1.5 and 2 liters of water), full cap for 3.5 liters of water, seasonal use 1 to 2 times per week (March to October)
  • Compo quality: raw materials selected according to the original Compo recipe, strict quality controls by independent laboratories and institutes, conditions conducive to healthy plant growth
  • Contents: 1 x Compo fertilizer for all types of fruit and vegetables, natural liquid fertilizer, 1 liter

compost tea

If in addition to having our compost heap we want to have some type of natural fertilizer that we can use in the form of irrigation, a very interesting one is the compost tea that we can use to water our plants in such a way that that we even help to improve the structure and microbial life of the soil. This natural fertilizer is really very interesting.

Nitrogen supply of poultry manure

If, in addition to an orchard or garden, we have chickens or other types of birds, we can make this interesting natural fertilizer for plants. We can use it as compost tea in the form of irrigation, although the advantage of this fertilizer is that it is a complete ecological fertilizer that adds nitrogen to the soil, one of the nutrients most important for plant health and development.


This natural plant fertilizer is really one of the best, with worm droppings, but it is also true that it is the most complex in terms of obtaining materials. If you can do that, that would be great, because you’re going to see a very comprehensive improvement in the soil and the life of the garden. One of the most powerful homemade fertilizers for plants and a super complete supply of nutrients and also helps us in a remarkable way to improve its structure.

I hope this one compilation article you like and help you improve your plants in a healthy, ecological and artisanal way. I would like you to leave me in comments in the Forum what are your favorites And which ones do you use or will you use? My favorite homemade plant fertilizers are earthworm humus and bocashi. Remember! Share and spread!

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