10 plants that attract pollinators and bees for their flowers

Plants that attract pollinators are very important to the garden. They will help us attract the beesbut also other animals performing a similar function, such as hoverflies, beetlesbutterflies and bumblebees.

plants that attract pollinators

All of these creatures are big, important pollinators in our garden. For this reason, it is advisable to add our hedge of host plants, those that have flowers in spring and summer, and throughout the year in warmer countries.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 plants that usually have quite a few flowers, so they’re not only very attractive to us, they also work as plants to attract bees and other pollinators.


Plants that attract pollinators

  1. Immortal: It is one of the first plants that begin to flower at the end of winter in our garden. Precisely for what they will give the necessary food to pollinating insects, giving them the opportunity to pass through your garden more often. ( You can get seeds here )
  2. Lavender: This plant blooms at the start of the warm season, this time earlier in places with hotter summers.

flowers to attract bees

plant lavender attracts many bees, butterflies and pollinating beetles like those we have seen in other articles. ( You can get seeds here )

  1. Oregano: In addition to being a culinary and medicinal plant, the reasons for plant oregano in the orchard there are many. Multiple blooms that attract pollinators are sure to grab your attention. ( You can get seeds here )
  2. Zinnia: Its flowers are very colorful and grow in full sun, perfect for our hedge. ( You can get seeds here )
  3. Tagines: These are plants that, when they flower, attract a large amount of life and even insectivorous insects. ( You can get seeds here )

plants to attract bees

If you are wondering how to attract bees to the garden, these types of plants, like the aromatic Yes flowers They are essential in any ecological urban garden.

  1. Daisies and magarzas: All species of this plant family that attract pollinators are an excellent source of food, so they will not be able to resist. ( You can get seeds here )

plants that attract wasps

  1. Orange tree: This tree blooms in large numbers and its sweet aroma is irresistible to pollinators, and you will also get oranges.
  2. Lanthanum: Its multicolored flowers are a claim. So one of the plants to attract bees and other pollinators, but Those who have children should refrain from planting it because its fruits are poisonous..
  3. Borage: It is a plant that can be used culinary and medicinal, and will also attract pollinators. ( You can get seeds here )
  4. Balm: It is a medicinal plant that blooms in summer. Their large number of pollinator-attracting flowers make them irresistible to bees. ( You can get seeds here )

Choosing a few of these 10 plants that attract pollinators with their flowers will be more than enough to help you increase garden production. Think that many of them, in addition to being plants to attract bees, will help you to ward off certain pests, or as in the case of lavender and oregano, they will serve to repel flies and mosquitoes .

To this we must add that almost all of them have medicinal qualities, benefits of these plants that we cannot ignore. In short, they will do nothing more than bring health to the garden.

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