Beneficial insects for plants and the garden. To guide

Often in our orchard we have some allies, animals and insects beneficial to the garden that help us to increase our production Where protect plants from certain pests.

beneficial insects for plants

Many of these animals help us fight them either because they are direct predators of these pests, or because with their presence we prevent others from coming.


Animals and insects beneficial to plants

We wanted to do this article because often we do not realize the value that these little allies have for our orchards, especially if we are talking about organic crops. Having this type of fauna is often punished by ignorance.

In this one to guide we will put a list of wildlife that we will blog post as an index, to quickly find these aids and know how they help us.

We must also be clear that the ideal of a the garden is diversity and that the more we learn, the more we will enjoy seeing them in our garden, observing the behavior of nature.

beneficial garden insects


It is true that many times certain insects come to our garden to feed on our plants. In this case, we do not have to act quickly and thoughtlessly, try to kill them Yes or yes.

Each insect has a function and I always recommend that the use of insecticides be the last resort, for example if it is seen that there is a risk of losing the harvest. To lose a few leaves or a few fruits you should not be alarmed and it is interesting to let nature act and share. Now let’s see which animals participate in these tasks and how.

Useful insects for the garden

Insects are invertebrate animals that appear in our garden. Here is a list of those that can help us the most, keeping some pests like the aphid and diverse types of caterpillarsamong others.

beneficial insect plants

  • lacewings (Aphids, scale insects, pollinators)
  • ladybugs (Aphids, mushrooms, etc.)
  • potter wasp (Caterpillars, spiders, other insects, pollinators)
  • Carabids (Caterpillars, snails, slugs….)
  • Praying mantis (Crickets, earwigs, all kinds of insects)
  • the bees (pollinators)
  • hoverflies (aphids, pollinators)
  • assassin insects (caterpillars, bedbugs, aphids, etc.)
  • wolf spiders (caterpillars, larvae, crickets, grasshoppers…)
  • tiger spider (grasshoppers, moths…)
  • earwigs (aphids, snail eggs, small insects, etc.)
  • dragonflies (mosquitoes, flies, aquatic insects…)
  • Firefly (caterpillars, snails and slugs…)
  • Graveyard Scarab (decomposing animal or plant organic matter)
  • black locust (aphids, larvae)

Beneficial animals for the garden

In addition to insects beneficial to plants, there are other animals (birds, mammals and reptiles) that can help us. The reason is that they feed on many insects that can be a real disaster for crops.

  • Hoopoe (larvae, flies, grasshoppers)
  • Tit (Caterpillars, butterflies, aphids…)
  • Sea urchin (cockroaches, snails, slugs, caterpillars….)
  • Shrew (insects, snails and slugs…)
  • Warbler (mosquitoes, insects, caterpillars, larvae, moths, etc.)
  • geckos (moths, beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches…)

Also, in the case of invertebrates, if we want them to remain numerous in our garden, it is important that they have a refuge. That’s why in a recent article we show you how to make a shelter or insect hotel.

Attracting beneficial insects to the garden is another of the most effective ecological tactics known to control pests, as we provide them with shelter during cultivation and after it is finished. So these pest predators won’t go anywhere else and we’ll always have them with us.

beneficial animals for the garden

It’s also important to plant essential flowers or plants that attract them, although if they don’t have food they won’t stay long.

Attract beneficial insects to plants

To attract these allies, you have to make a hedge around the garden with the different plants. Also, many are plants that attract pollinators.

  1. Rosemary: It flowers twice a year so it feeds predatory insects such as parasitic wasps, hoverflies and other beneficial insects that also feed on nectar and pollen when pests are scarce.

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  1. Olivarda-Altabaca: It attracts multiple predatory insects such as bed bugs, Nesidiocoris which feed on white fly and other pests. It is also home to insects that fight the olive fly Yet the all.
  2. Chamomile: Plant chamomile in the spring to attract lacewings, aphid predators.
  3. Marigold: It can be wild or ornamental. Its flowers will attract bees but also wasps which usually parasitize aphids.
  4. Keywords: Planting them between crops is very beneficial as their roots repel nematodes and ants.
  5. Yarrow: To attract hoverflies which will lay their eggs on our plants with aphids.
  6. Fennel: It attracts wasps that hunt the caterpillarssince they also feed on its nectar.
  7. Basil: It attracts many pollinating insects and is home to predatory insects.
  8. Nasturtium: Repels insect pests and attracts insects beneficial. In addition, its flowers can be eaten in salads.
  9. Borage: It strengthens the plants around it, because it provides them with silicon. It also prevents the attack of the absolute tuta or tomato caterpillar.

This guide to beneficial insects for the garden and other allied animals for the good of our crops is in continuous evolution. As we publish more articles, we will update it.

It is also interesting that if you want us to talk about a specific ally, leave us comments in the forum to complete the guide.

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beneficial insects for the garden

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