10 trees with few roots for all types of gardens


When you have a small garden, or when you want to optimize the space by putting more plants, it is essential to choose trees whose root system is not invasivebecause otherwise we would end up in a lot of trouble and it is likely that we would end up chopping down the tree with all that that entails.

To avoid this, we have selected for you 10 trees with few rootswhich can be planted near buildings as they do not need a lot of space to grow properly.


Acer palmatum

The Japanese maple is a tree with few roots.

And let’s start with the Acer palmatum, better known as Japanese Maple or Japanese Maples, which are deciduous trees that are beautiful in the fall. There are many varieties, and even more cultivars, some of which can even exceed 10m in height. But for the case that concerns us, and even more so if you have a small terrace or a small garden, I advise you to take a grafted one, because these generally does not exceed 5m Height. Of course, they need both acidic soil and irrigation water, with a low pH, out of direct sunlight, and a mild, rather cool climate with lower temperatures. to zero in winter (down to -15ºC).

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Albizia julibrissin

Albizia julibrissin is a deciduous plant

Looking for a tree that has decorative leaves and flowers? One of your options may be Albizia julibrissinwhich is a deciduous plant that grows very well in warm climates, provided that the winter is somewhat cool, with temperatures below zero (down to -6 ºC). Reaches a height of up to 6 mand its flowers appear grouped in a pink inflorescence, very pretty.

Callistemon viminalis

Callistemon viminalis is a small tree

Image – Wikimedia/Chris English

The Callistemon viminalisor Weeping Pipe Cleaner, is a perennial shrub or small tree that grows up to 4-6 meters tall. It has light green lanceolate leaves and flowers that are grouped in red inflorescences. Its port is weeping, which gives it a very pretty appearance. It is particularly suitable for areas with a hot climate, with frosts down to -7ºC.

hakea laurina

The Hakea laurina has rare flowers

Image – Wikimedia/Ian W. Fieggen

The hakea laurinaor pincushion hakea, is one of the short-rooted evergreen trees that has really curious flowers, as they look like dancer’s pom-poms. Reaches 6 meters in height, and it is a plant with green leaves that will surely bring you great joy. It resists heat well (not extreme), as well as mild frosts down to -4ºC.

Koelreuteria paniculata

The koelreuteria is a deciduous tree

The Koelreuteria paniculata o The Chinese soap tree is one of the most beautiful trees with few roots for gardens. Reaches a height of up to 8 meters and forms a rounded crown with pinnate leaves that turn yellowish or orange in fall. When summer arrives, it produces yellow flowers gathered in panicles that can measure up to 40 centimeters in length. It is a very undemanding deciduous species that can withstand frosts down to -18ºC.

Prunus cerasifera var pissardii

Prunus cerasifera is an ornamental tree

Image – Wikimedia/Drow Man

The Prunus cerasifera var pissardiior flowering cherry, is one of the non-invasive root trees that I highly recommend planting in small gardens. Although it reaches a height of about 10 meters, rarely 15 meters, it develops a fairly narrow crown.; and since its root system is not aggressive, it is simply perfect. Also, there is a variety with purple leaves, the ‘Nigra’, which is very pretty. As if that were not enough, it blooms in the spring, producing white flowers of about 1 centimeter, and if pollinated, their fruits will ripen, which are edible by the way. Resists down to -12ºC.

Syringa vulgaris

Syringa vulgaris is a small tree with a non-invasive root

Image – Wikimedia/Katrin Schneider

The Syringa vulgaris or Lilo It is a tree with few roots that grows up to 7m, although it can be pruned in the spring keeping it lower. It has deciduous leaves, and very pretty flowers, purple or white, very fragrant. It is a plant that attracts butterflies, so if you want them to come to your garden more, do not hesitate to place this plant in a place where it receives a lot of light. It is also frost resistant, down to -5°C.

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Peruvian Thevetia

Thevetia peruviana is a perennial tree

Image – Flickr/Wendy Cutler

The Peruvian Thevetia or oleander it is an evergreen tree with few roots that does not grow much: no more than 7 meters high. It has lance-shaped green leaves and in summer it produces bell-shaped yellow flowers. It is a very grateful plant that tolerates pruning and can withstand light frosts, down to -4ºC.

Lagerstroemia indica

Lagerstroemia indica is a small tree

Image – Wikimedia/captain-tucker

The Lagerstroemia indica o Jupiter Tree is a short-rooted garden tree with deciduous leaves. It grows up to 6-8 meters, with flowers grouped with terminal inflorescences of pink, mauve or white color. It has a very slow growth rate, but in its favor it must be said that it is more resistant to heat (up to 38°C) than other acidophilic plants, and also to frost (down to -15°C ).

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Ligustrum japonicum

Ligustrum japonicum is a perennial tree

Image – Wikimedia/John Tann

The Ligustrum japonicum or privet is one of the outdoor trees best suited for small to medium sized gardens. It reaches 10 meters high, but it tolerates pruning so well that it can be grown as a plant up to 5 meters tall. The leaves are evergreen and the flowers are yellowish. Frost resistant down to -18ºC.

Which of these small-rooted trees did you like the most?

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