12 plants that only get watered once a week

Not all plants require the same care, some are picky and only thrive in very specific conditions. Getting this balance right can be tricky, so if you’re not a plant pro yet, it’s best to start with a low-maintenance option. In this article we show you 12 plants that are watered once a week and require little maintenance.

plants watered once a week

Here are 12 types of hardy, low-maintenance plants that only need watering once a week. (Exact watering schedule may vary slightly depending on plant size and time of year.)

Be sure to note the botanical name of each plant, which appears in parentheses (you can also click on each for more information). This information will help you find the plant on the Internet or purchase it at your local garden center.

plants watered once a week elephant foot

“Keep the earth dry.” If these are the directions you like to see with a plant, then maybe Elephant’s Foot is the plant for you.

Keep this plant in a large enough pot so it doesn’t get overcrowded, and if it seems to be growing too quickly, simply repot it in a larger pot.

During the winter, you need to water less, about every four to six weeks. When spring arrives and then summer, it will suffice to water it once a week. It is impractical for the soil to be wet as this can cause the stem to rot.

plants that are watered once a week lucky bamboo

It’s not really bamboo, you can find more information about it here. As for luck, you will have to decide for yourself. But it’s still an easy-to-grow houseplant that’s popular in home offices and small spaces.

To grow lucky bamboo, fill the bottom of a vase with pebbles and add the same amount of water. Place the bamboo directly in the water, and voila! You will just need to add more water every few weeks. Look: Lucky Bamboo Growing and Care Guide

plants that are watered once a week wax flower

Waxflower is the easiest to obtain. Its deep green vines provide a pop of vibrant color, and you can really get away with watering it just once a week.

Most people don’t realize the waxflower is a vine because it grows so slowly. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t flower right away. It may take a while, but when it does, you’ll be rewarded with star-shaped flowers. Be sure to give it plenty of light.

plants watered once a week begonia

You will typically see two types of begonias – foliage begonias and flowering begonias – both of which hate being overwatered. Watering once a week is more than enough.

Flowering varieties (also known as cane begonias) are year-round houseplants and typically bloom in fall or winter. Foliage begonias (rhizome begonias) sometimes flower, but are best known for their interesting leaves. Look: How to propagate, grow Begonia and its care

plants that are watered once a week orchid

Because orchids require careful propagation, they have a reputation for being difficult to grow. However, if you’re willing to buy your orchids already grown (and preferably with a bud or flower already on them), you’ll likely have very little maintenance to do.

They produce delicate, uniquely shaped blooms with intricate color patterns and add a bit of class to any room they are in. Look: Indoor Orchid Care Tips

plants watered once a week agalaonema

If you want something different from the typical greenery, you might want to check out this reddish-looking plant. It is clearly a very resistant plant.

The red agalaonema was bred to have vivid pink and red hues in each leaf. It adds that accent some rooms need and it only needs water once a week.

plants that are watered once a week rosario plant

Also called pearl plant, it is not difficult to see where its name comes from. The small, bright green circles almost look like peas growing in small rows.

Rosary is a member of the succulent family, so it easily tolerates drought and very little water. In winter, you can water it every two or three weeks, or even once a month, but in summer, water it once a week if the weather is very hot.

If you are lucky enough to have this plant in bloom, the small white flowers smell of cinnamon. For best results, grow in a hanging basket in full sun. Look: Cultivation and care of the Rosary plant (Senecio rowleyanus)

plants that are watered once a week love bow ribbon

Snakes are known for their long, striped green leaves that reach for the sky. These plants can be quite tall, but they don’t need a lot of water to survive.

In fact, snake plants seem to thrive when they’re ignored enough, which is probably part of why they’ve become so popular. Just be sure to water yours occasionally and allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings.

That said, if you see the tips of this plant starting to turn brown, whether it’s been two or six weeks since you last watered, that means it needs watering. Look: How to Grow Cinta (Love Bond) and All Her Care

plants watered once a week rubber tree

One of the biggest problems people have with this plant is that they overwater it. It is one of the easiest and least demanding plants to maintain, so you can water it once a week or every two weeks. Depending on the ambient heat.

Most people have had it for years and it will grow a few feet over that time. Some varieties have red or purple foliage, so check with your local garden center if you’re looking for a rubber plant with style.

plants watered once a week aspidistra

Aspidistra plants are hardy and resilient. These plants can tolerate the harshest variables, including low light and low humidity.

They prefer to be dry than too wet, so you won’t have to worry about watering them often. You can water it once a week but if you forget, nothing happens, it can last up to a month without any watering.

plants watered once a week aloe vera

Another plant that only needs water once or twice a month is the aloe plant. Aloe only needs water when the soil is completely dry.

Brown or yellow leaves can be signs of rot, so if you notice them, reduce watering even further. Look: Aloe Vera Care Tips

plants watered once a week ZZ plant

Fans of ZZ plants call them “tamper proof” for good reason. The plant can survive droughts, poorly lit rooms and general neglect.

You only need to water her once a week or two and give her a balanced liquid fertilizer to keep her happy.

Additional fact: delicious

Aloe and jade aren’t the only succulents that need little water. Because they store moisture in their leaves and tissues, succulents only need water when their supply is depleted.

If they are in a relatively humid place, you can water once a week, but if the place is very dry, twice a week will suffice. Look: How and when to water succulents and cacti

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