5 asparagus treatments for good harvests

Once you decide to reserve a space in your garden to plant asparagus, you will not regret it since its flavor is much better than what we usually buy in supermarkets. It is not a culture that requires a lot of care, but it is true that it is necessary prepare the bed for spring. Today we will see the steps to follow.

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Pruning last year’s growth

It consists of cutting with secateurs or hedge trimmers the branches generated the previous year and it must be cut as close to the ground as possible. With the waste, you can make stuffing or add it to the compost bin. And if you’ve already done this process the year before, it’s best to leave it in the spring because the leftovers become their own mulch and we can also harvest some extra asparagus in the fall.

Another advantage is that asparagus is self-seeding, which gives us new plants for free.


Spring weeding is important to maintain a healthy asparagus bed. It is better to pull the herbs when they are still small and underdeveloped, otherwise the roots will mix with those of the asparagus and pulling them out can harm them.

The best time would be on a rainy day or water lightly so they can be uprooted more easily by hand.


The best fertilizer to get asparagus off to a good start is liquid because it will be available immediately after application. We can use earthworm humus tea, comfrey purine or chicken manure. If we want to provide fertilizer for later, we can put earthworm humus or dried manure, which slowly release nutrients but are the best we can provide.

Asparagus needs a large amount of phosphorus, which is why bone meal should be added to the above fertilizers. You can also make an infusion of peanut shells without salt, chop as much as possible and boil. Leave to cool and dilute in about 2 liters of water.

Add compost

A terrace or a plot of asparagus can continue to produce up to 30 years later, it is advisable to improve the soil year after year, this is why compost is added after having done the tasks so that it decomposes little by little and improves the quality and structure of the soil.

asparagus care


Once we have arranged the bed or the terrace where we have the asparagus, it is likely that we will want to put padding or mulch to maintain humidity or to prevent the exit of too many weeds and also serve to provide organic matter on the terraces. You can put straw, dry grass scraps, sawdust, tree leaves among other 7 free stuffing we can put in the garden.

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