7 Things That Will Make Raising Chickens at Home Easier for You

Raising chickens is a beneficial activity not only because of the eggs for the house and the manure we can get for the garden, but also because caring for the animals will make us feel better and less stressed. It can be done the old-fashioned way, but there are some gadgets today that will make life in the chicken coop easier. Today we are going to discover 7 gadgets that every chicken farmer should have.

raise chickens how to do it easily


Automatic door for the chicken coop

It seems pointless but how many times have you walked through the door to your house or garden and forgotten to open the chicken coop door or closed it after dark. The door is equipped with a light sensor which detects whether it is day or night and opens or closes accordingly. Your hens will be safe from predators, although there are also other options that we will see later if this method does not convince you.

Run-Chicken T40, fully automatic chicken coop, doors...

Run-Chicken T40, fully automatic chicken coop, doors…

  • Plug and Play Technology: It takes no more than 10 minutes to install the gate (no complicated wiring or wiring).
  • Battery Operated: Minimum 1 year battery life that works in all conditions (2 AA batteries included, you can replace them in 3 minutes, no solar cell needed).
  • Easy to use: easy to program push button. It automatically opens in the morning and closes in the evening. You can set the timer or use the built-in light sensor (LUX).
  • Works in extreme weather conditions: waterproof; operates in snow, rain and dust from -26°C to 60°C.
  • All-in-one design: one piece; doors and slides entirely in aluminium. High quality fine powder coated structural color (specifically designed for outdoor environment).

Electrical network for the Corral

Letting the hens run around in the garden is in some places dangerous for them because of predators. We always like them to be on the loose stirring up bugs or eating weeds. Now it is possible to do everything at once even if you don’t have a chicken coop with a fence. The electric mesh It allows you to fence off a place where no predators from the ground can attack your hens, because they will receive a slight shock if they approach this system.

Water Fountain Base Heater

If you live in a place where the winters are so harsh that your chickens water trough keeps freezing, the water heater is the solution to avoid having to add hot water or various other tricks. It is placed in the lower part of the drinker and you forget to have to add hot water to defrost it every day. A hen needs water daily and at all times, which is why this device is important for the health of the hen.

Kerbl heating plate for poultry drinkers Ø 250 mm;...

Kerbl heating plate for poultry drinkers Ø 250 mm;…

  • made of plastic safe operation 24 V with plug for connection to a 230 V power supply cable length: 2 m PU insulation for upward heat dissipation with non-slip feet for secure fixing of the hot plate with non-slip strips in the upper part for secure carrots

Mouse trap

One of the problems that chicken farmers are going to encounter sooner or later is mice or rats, either because they gnaw on the eggs or because they eat the chicken feed. It’s never a good idea to use poison to kill them and we don’t like to do that either, so we used the method you can see in the following video.

luxury nest

There are many cheap nesting boxes in the market for hens or we can make our own with bottles if we don’t have a lot of budget and we can also find luxury nesting boxes since the hens lay their eggs and roll to a safe space where the hens cannot access it. This method is ideal if we have a naughty hen that bites the eggs or if a hen is brooding and dirtying them.

chicken incubator

When you have been in the coop for a while, you are curious about how you can have chicks and there are two ways. You can let nature take its course and let the rooster take over, or you can take the fertilized eggs and put them in an incubator. There is a wide variety in the market that we can choose according to our expectations.

Lifcasual Incubator, Automatic Egg Incubator-24,...

Lifcasual Incubator, Automatic Egg Incubator-24,…

  • 🐓 🐓 [Ampliamente aplicable] The fully automatic egg incubator can hold 24 eggs, which can clearly observe the hatching process, the transparent cover allows you to clearly observe the hatching process. push buttons for easy operation.
  • 🐥🐥 [INCUBADORA AUTOMÁTICA] This automatic smart incubator holds 24 eggs at a time. Suitable for hatching chickens, ducks, quails, other poultry and bird eggs, perfect for home, laboratory or teaching. Digital temperature, humidity and countdown display for clear observation. Contact us to get the Spanish version of the user manual
  • 🐤🐤 [INCUBACIÓN EFICIENTE] The incubator has an efficient LED incubation function, automatically turns the eggs, simulates the incubation mode of the original organic chickens, and automatically records the number of days of incubated eggs. Built-in egg inverter and intelligent temperature controller, intelligent control for automatic hatching and heating.
  • 🦆🦆 [FUNCIÓN DE VENTILACIÓN AUTOMÁTICA] The incubator hot air pipe runs through the left and right, equipped with two turbo fans, low alarm unit, automatic high and low temperature, LCD display, clearly showing the temperature and progress. With the sensitive temperature sensor, you can adjust the temperature over time and make it reach exactly the temperature you want.
  • ❤❤ [MEJOR SERVICIO DE CALIDAD]: Contact us, we will give you the instruction manual in Spanish, and we will give you a one-year quality warranty (free compensation for non-human damage)

hatchery for chicks

When the chicks are born, they need warmth to survive, so we must have a system that gives them warmth, such as a light bulb, heat lamp or a special heater for chicks. In the market you can get many types, we must be well informed because some may catch fire if the heat is excessive.

There are many other cool gadgets that can be used for the chicken coop, such as homemade chicken feeders, but we’ll leave that for another time or you can tell us about them on the forum.

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