8 Tips for Transplanting Succulents Properly

After receiving a new succulent, it is necessary to transplant it as it is always a good idea to house them in a slightly better and larger pot with fresh soil. But what’s the right way to do it? Follow our advice on how to transplant succulents correctly.

grafting succulents


1. Pre-transplant work

Before removing the plant from the existing container, remember to water it frequently, especially during the last 1-2 days.

The new soil you prepare for repotting the plant should also not be dry. If it feels dry to the touch, spray some water on it to moisten it.

On the other hand, the best time of day to transplant succulents is in the afternoon, when the sun is not strong and it is not too hot. You can do this any time of the year, as long as there are no sub-zero temperatures.

2. Start with a new culture medium

It is best to opt for a mixture for succulents or cacti. Porous sandy potting soil is also a good choice for succulents.

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3. Use a palette

how to transplant succulents

When removing the succulent from its current container, you can safely use a baby scoop or trowel. But, when repotting small varieties of succulents or propagating seeds and sprouts, be sure to use metal tongs to carefully transfer the plants and not damage the roots.

4. Get the right new pot

Always choose a pot just a little bigger than the previous one. Succulents love to have their roots a little tied down and don’t like to be moved to much larger pots.

Also make sure the new pot has drainage holes in the bottom. Choose colorful pots, because the original shapes of succulents go well with them.

5. Root care

how to transplant succulents

If the roots of the plant seem to be tangled and tied in a clump at the base of the plant, try loosening them.

Feel free to give them a little trim, removing any parts that look rotten. If you notice that the roots are rotten, it is convenient to cut them with disinfected scissors.

Also, keep the plant in dry soil for 3-4 days to ensure the roots heal before transplanting the plant into a new pot with fresh growing medium.

6. Not watering right away

how to transplant succulents

Do not water transplanted plants immediately to avoid root rot. Ideally, wait between 2 and 5 days before starting to water or humidify them.

This pause, after transplanting, gives the succulents time to heal and also avoids any risk of root rot.

7. Leave in the shade

Once the succulent transplant is done, it is good to leave the pot in the shade for about 2 or 3 days, in a place where it receives light but no direct sun. This helps the plant not to be stressed and can recover faster.

8. Break the pot if necessary

If the plant is crushed and there is no way to safely remove it from the pot, you may need to break the pot to avoid damaging the roots.

When should you transplant succulents?

how to transplant succulents

If the current pot seems to be much smaller than the plant, it may be a good time to repot.

If your succulents have been in the same pots for 2 or 3 years, chances are they have depleted the soil and starved them of nutrients. It is therefore necessary to get rid of the old container and replant them in a medium rich in nutrients.

If you notice the leaves rotting, it’s time to repot the succulents. Take the whole plant out of the pot and check the roots. If they are black or too rotten, you will need to cut off the damaged ones with clean scissors. Once you remove them, leave the plant in dry soil for 3-4 days to heal.

If you notice that the plant’s roots are starting to stick out of the pot’s drainage hole or into the ground, it can only mean that it’s time to repot it in a larger pot.

If you notice “pups” growing in the pot, it’s time to transplant the plant into a new, larger plant.

You also have the option of removing the puppies and transplanting them into new pots. This way you will have more succulents and the pot will have enough space for the old plant.

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In warm climates, you can repot the succulent any time of the year. If you live in a cold region, always wait until the weather has warmed considerably before transplanting succulents.

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