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A great way to get privacy on the patio is to use large potted plants.

You may choose to live in an apartment for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the idea of ​​a garden and associated work horrifies you.

Maybe you just like to live up high and enjoy the view from your terrace.

Whatever the reason you live in a place where there is a terrace, you will find at some point that you never use it because people neglect it or because the view is not attractive.

There are other reasons why you might not use your patio even if you wanted to, but the most likely reason is a lack of privacy.


Can you change this situation of lack of privacy on your terrace?

a boxwoodYes, you can certainly change this situation of lack of privacy in your yard.

With strategically placed tall potted plants, you have complete privacy on the patio and can once again enjoy your outdoor space.

Tall plants provide more than just privacy, they can also protect you from the elements.

The right plants in the right place give you a sheltered, windless and calm place.

Patios may seem like harsh and unfriendly places, but adding plants will transform the space into a cozy, friendly place where you can relax and not go unnoticed.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular large potted plants for patio privacy.

Top 5 tall potted plants for patio privacy

1) Bamboo

Although bamboo has enormous advantages for its rapid growth, it is very maintenance-intensive when placed in the ground. However, when placed in a pot, it becomes easy to control.


  • rapid growth
  • It is light and airy, easy to move.

the inconvenients

  • Requires good drainage holes
  • It can still reach almost 20′

If you are having trouble with your bamboo, we have an article on: Why is my bamboo dying outside?

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2) Bougainvillea

Although it can grow on bushes, the bougainvillea it is technically classed as a vine and needs support if you want to grow it vertically.


  • A vigorous grower
  • Nice selection of colorful flowers

the inconvenients

  • You need a trellis or similar to support
  • Be careful of these thorns, especially with young children

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3) Alberta dwarf spar

This cone-shaped evergreen will reward you with dense green foliage. The name ‘dwarf’ means that it grows slowly: Alberta spruce can easily reach 12′ and more.


  • Dense needles that guarantee privacy.
  • It takes about 25 years to mature

the inconvenients

  • It is a scratchy plant, so wear gloves when working with it.
  • Requires water balance and good drainage when grown in containers

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4) Dogwood

It is both a tree and a shrub and is known for the beautiful bracts of white or pink flowers it produces.


  • Minimum care requirements
  • Popular for its pale stems which develop in winter.

the inconvenients

  • If placed in full sun, make sure they get plenty of water and have good drainage.

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5) Cypress

There are over 130 varieties, so you’re sure to find the one you like for your garden. The leaves are dark green to silvery green.


  • They can handle almost any type of soil.
  • Makes a great display when pruned all year round.
  • Hard and resistant plants.

the inconvenients

  • Some species are thin, you may need to bring them closer

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Things to Consider When Choosing Your Large Potted Plant

While choosing tall potted plants is fun, there are a few things to keep in mind so you can turn your patio into the oasis you want.

think about the view

If you plan to sit on your patio, consider the view from eye level and also from a standing position.

If the view is off-putting, you may want to hide it with taller plants with smaller ones around the base so your attention shifts down rather than up the plants.


If you must plant for privacy, you may want to use plants that grow lush and thick, rather than spindly plants that don’t give you a decent amount of privacy.

Grasses and some trees will become dense and thick enough to provide you with long term privacy.


There are many plants that produce beautiful colors throughout the year, although there is always some light as the flowers fade and fall.

remember all the height

This is an important point because you may not want your tall plants to grow tall enough to disturb your neighbor upstairs, he won’t be happy about it!

Choose your pots wisely

Bright pink flowers on a balcony

Since you’re choosing large potted plants for patio privacy, it makes sense that they need larger pots. In fact, the heavier the pot, the better because there is less chance of it being blown away by high winds.

Pots should always have good drainage, as most container plants do not do well with soggy roots. Going a step further, your patio will also need drainage holes to allow excess water to drain from the area.

If you plan to grow a vine on a trellis, make sure the trellis is securely attached to the wall, rather than just placed in a pot.

Choose your plants wisely

If you live in an area that is constantly windy, you may want to grow tall plants that don’t have large leaves. Constant onslaught of the wind and you will find that the leaves are ragged.

Soft leaf plants can be damaged by constant exposure to wind, you may also see the leaves burnt and dry.

Plants with multiple branches and smaller leaves do well in windy conditions because they are more stable than single stem plants.

If you have room in your garden, perhaps consider palm trees as well. The advantage of a palm tree on the terrace is that you have built-in sunscreen for hot days.

Any palm that you can grow indoors in a pot will be suitable for growing outdoors in a sheltered spot on a patio. Two or three palm trees together will give you shade throughout the day.

The best pots for large potted plants

You should select pots according to the planting root ball.

Keep in mind that the root will also grow and the pot needs to be able to absorb it, otherwise you will have to replace the pots if they get too small.

Here is an example of a pot for a large plant.. You will notice that the planter is made of waterproof resin, which is frost resistant and does not fade.

The pot is also BPA-free and double-walled to protect the roots during freezing.

How to prevent large potted plants from falling?

Since you are planting large potted plants on the patio for privacy, this means the plants need to be bushier to be effective.

Unfortunately, this also exposes pots and plants to the risk of tipping over.

Make sure the pots are large enough to accommodate the plant. If you notice the plant drying out frequently, you may want to repot it in a larger pot with more soil.

On vines, the plant can feel top-heavy, so it’s important that each trellis is securely fastened rather than simply left on the ground.

As a general rule, you should only use pots larger than 40 cm. If the wind is less strong, your plants and pots will be scattered on the terrace.

Rectangular pots should be no less than 1 meter long to be stable.

There are several ways to prevent flower pots from falling onto the terrace.

  • Fill them with soil and a layer of gravel on top. The bottom is heavy and the gravel adds even more weight to the mix.
  • Place the pots against the terrace wall and also take advantage of the angles. Spreading planters are always more at risk when the wind is blowing, while planters close together are less likely to tip over.
  • Use heavy pans. Don’t be tempted to buy your pots at the garden center “discount store”. Choose good quality, heavier pots.
  • Secure jars as needed. You may need to insert hooks into the walls to be able to attach the planters to the wall if you live in a very windy area.
  • Protect the terrace. If your patio has a fence instead of walls, flower pots are more likely to get stolen. You may want to cover the stems with fabric so that your pots are better protected from storms.

Final Thoughts: Top 5 Tall Potted Plants for Patio Privacy

a boxwoodWith a little planning and forethought, you can easily create a year-round space with large potted plants for added privacy on your patio.

With so many different plants to grow in pots and the choice of beautiful pots, there’s no reason your unattractive patio can’t become a place where you can escape and enjoy some privacy whenever you want.

Written by: Valerie Holyoak

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