A handbook on composting

Gardening organically means giving up the use of chemical fertilizers and caring for the soil, using organic substances that are added to the soil. Potted plants and gardens also need nourishment and there is no need to buy expensive fertilizers. Composting is a useful, economical and ecological practice accessible to all.

The “Composting” book is an agile manual that explains in 80 pages without getting bored the fundamental elements of good composting. Terra Nuova Edizioni, as always, offers us a very clear and well-written manual, full of very useful diagrams, tables and photos, all in color. The authors of the book, Ludovic Martin, Pascal Martin and Eric Prédine are the founders of the EnRgethic association and organizers of a French network of composters, the subject is well known and can be seen.

There are various instructions on how to compose on the net, but it is useful to find any summary in a book, well supplied with tables to consult if necessary. The subject is covered comprehensively, suitable even for the inexperienced. Of particular interest is the focus on the use of earthworms and types of composting. The book also takes into account those who live in the city or in an apartment, with precise advice for those who want to compose on the balcony. If you are interested in this composting manual, you can find it at this online library .

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