How to Propagate, Grow Chinese Money Plant and Its Care

Also known as Pilea Peperomioides, Chinese Money Plant is a striking green beauty that has become one of the most beloved plants in the world. This plant belongs to the nettle family and is very easy to care for. In this article we will discuss how to propagate, grow the Chinese money plant and its care.

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How to Propagate Chinese Money Plant

One of the things we love the most about the Chinese currency plant is that it can be propagated quite easily. There are two ways to do this:

Propagate through a leaf

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This plant has the particularity like many others to grow from a fallen leaf. This is its natural way of spreading.

The time to do this most successfully is in the spring, although if you do it in a sheltered area you can do it the rest of the year.

Cut one or more leaves of at least 5 cm stem, prepare a pot with soil mixed with half the potting soil and bury the stem in its entirety, leaving the lower edge of the leaf touching the ground.

Water the soil well and place it in a lighted place but not in direct sunlight. After a few weeks you will see that a plant begins to grow and the leaf wilts. This is when you can transplant it to its final location.

propagate by division

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Once it grows, you’ll start to see little baby plants appear with their characteristic round leaves. You can keep them there to create a fuller plant, or you can cut them to create a new plant.

Make sure that when you remove it, you use a clean, sharp knife and cut the stem about 3cm deep into the ground.

Place it in cool, well-drained, moist soil, and with good light and care you will soon have a young one.


In general, don’t repot until spring/summer, when light levels are best and the plant is in its growth phase.

Pileas like lots of space, so they will be happy to be transplanted into a slightly larger pot in 9-12 months if good growth is seen.

Giving the roots a little more room will promote good growth and larger, coin-shaped leaves.

Where to Grow Chinese Silver Plant

where to grow a chinese money plant

You want to make sure they get a good level of indirect sunlight and are in a place where you can see them every day.

Since the Chinese money plant loves bright spaces, we recommend placing it near a window in the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

If you are going to grow it in the garden, look for a place where it gets enough light but not as direct, especially at midday. On the other hand, plant it in a place where it does not become waterlogged when it rains, as it does not tolerate these conditions.

How to Maintain and Grow the Chinese Money Plant

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This plant likes to bask in the sun. But during the summer months, be careful not to leave it in direct sunlight. It would be a shame if all this beautiful vegetation were burned.

Indirect sunlight is best, so make sure she’s near a good light source, a large, bright window, and she’ll be happy.

Low light levels can cause them to grow tall and have long legs. Keep the leaves free of dust so they also get all the light they need.


Watering, of course, is a very important part of Pilea Peperomioides plant care.

Water this plant about once a week, but make sure the soil is dry to the touch before doing so. You can stick a finger a centimeter into the ground to better check. If it’s wet, leave it for a few more days, as they don’t like soggy soil.

If you notice your plant’s leaves turning yellow or drooping, they’ve probably been overwatered. Carefully remove yellowed leaves near the ground so the plant can focus on healthy growth.

While paying attention to the watering schedule, we also suggest that you be careful not to let the soil dry out completely, because it won’t be very happy either. If your plant seems particularly droopy and feels very light when you pick it up, it needs a good drink.


The Chinese money plant has no specific preference for humidity. But like all plants, it will not be happy in a very dry environment.

When this plant is too dry, its leaves become crunchy, which is not good. To avoid this, you can sprinkle it with water from time to time. If you have several houseplants, grouping them together will help keep them moist.


In spring and summer, encourage good growth and make sure it has all the nutrients it needs.

For this, feed your Chinese Money Plant once a month with a general plant food. Be careful not to overfeed, as the leaves can soften.

The ideal is to use compost to provide it with all the nutrients naturally, the compost can be applied every two months or so. Place a layer on top of the soil and that’s it, as you water it will blend into the soil.

Plagues and diseases

This plant can be susceptible to attack by aphids and whiteflies, especially in summer, watch the leaves carefully to see if there are any, if you act quickly it is easier to eliminate them.

Regarding diseases, it can be affected by a fungus called powdery mildew, which appears when the soil is permanently wet, the symptoms are leaf fall, yellowing and general dieback of the plant. See: How to prevent and fight powdery mildew naturally.

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