A Hotel In A Green Building At 1750 Meters In The Dolomites

Alpe di Siusi is the largest plateau in Europe, in the heart of the Dolomites, a wonderful place both in the colors of the summer season, where the green of the pastures and forests stand out, and in winter, covered with a white blanket of snow.

In such a beautiful and unpolluted region, it is not easy to think of a hotel with all the comforts but at the same time respectful of the natural environment that surrounds it. The Hotel Tirler on the Alpe di Siusi has been designed with attention to the environment down to the smallest detail and built in an ecological building.

The owner Hannes Rabanser took 7 years to design this reception structure, involving not only architects but also biologists and nutritionists. The studies carried out have made it possible to create an ecological hotel, capable of offering 360-degree well-being: from sleeping in rooms free of electrosmog and allergens to a cuisine that uses alternative sugars and zero kilometer products .

Tirler highlights the Green Travel Award 2013, for excellence in sustainable and responsible tourism. This hotel in South Tyrol is a four star superior, I will not list here all the “usual” facilities found in many luxury hotels, from the Spa to the starred cuisine. Much more interesting is to discover the “eco-sustainable” peculiarities of this structure, which are not only good for the environment, but also for the well-being of the person.



Hotel Tirler is located at an altitude of 1,750 meters above sea level, surrounded by the Alpe di Siusi Natural Park, in a landscape declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It would be a crime to ruin such a fascinating mountainous setting, the design of the hotel focuses precisely on how to integrate the building harmoniously into the context of the Alpe di Siusi. Hannes Rabanser started thinking about Hotel Dolomites in 2004, ruling out various design options, until he found the right vision with architect Demetz, from which the hotel opened its doors in 2011.

Coming from Saltria, the Tirler looks more like a cluster of South Tyrolean mountain chalets than a luxury hotel. The low building blends discreetly into the landscape, skilfully disguised and surrounded by cow pastures. Only from the inside do you perceive the real dimensions of the ventilated structure, designed like a horseshoe around the garden with swimming pool, and accompanied by the hut with the restaurant, which is connected to the main building by an underground passage.

The landscape remains the protagonist even inside the hotel, thanks to the large windows that allow guests to enjoy the luxury of a unique panorama from the lobby, swim in the pool and even take a sauna.

Bioconstruction and local materials

Respect for nature does not only lie in the impact on the landscape, but also includes the entire construction of the hotel, which was built with all the canons of ecological construction and favoring local materials, such as the dolomitic quartzite stone and the typical South Tyrolean pine. . The heating is done by means of clay walls, a material capable of retaining and regulating the humidity in the room. The plaster is made from lime, another natural material that does not involve chemical fumes to cover the good smell that alpine wood leaves in the rooms. In furniture too, we try to avoid glue and metal fittings, favoring interlocking systems.

Very good sleep without electrosmog or allergies

In the mountains we sleep well for several reasons. The first is the cozy climate, both in summer, when you leave the heat and mosquitoes behind, and in winter, when the chalet with fireplace is a warm refuge from the frost. The second is being in a natural environment, free from noise, smog and all the ugliness that comes with our urbanized society.

In order to enjoy this luxury in Tirler, several studies have been carried out. The first attention is to try to revive the electrosmog in the rooms. This was achieved with many tricks: before the construction, 5 measurements of the radiation level in the ground were carried out, after the construction, another 8 measurements checked the air quality and any other harmful elements. In each room there is a switch that allows you to cut off the electricity in the whole room, the WiFi by choice is not active in the sleeping area, the aforementioned clay walls act as a natural screen to radiation protecting a good sleep.

Another important study is that related to allergy factors: the mountainous area of ​​Alpe di Siusi and certain precautions in the structure are ideal to avoid pollen and dust mites. To complete the good rest, the pine wood, massively used in the furniture and coverings of the Tirler, determines a characteristic smell of the whole structure. The stone pine is an evergreen plant typical of the Alps and South Tyrol, it grows mainly between 1,700 and 2,000 meters above sea level and is the protagonist of the vegetation of Alpe di Siusi. This local wood has a medically proven effect on the quality of sleep, relaxing the body with an influence on the heart rate and is therefore ideal for furnishing bedrooms.

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