The Garden Transplanter

Gardening work is a source of great satisfaction, but when it comes to cultivating medium to large areas, it can become exhausting, as is known “the ground is low”, and also boring, especially when it is need to spend a lot of time doing repetitive actions.

A concrete example is the transplant phase sowing in the field, which, especially in late spring, is one of the most frequent jobs.

I present a tool that can be very useful to reduce the time and effort required for this work: Valmas Transplanter . It is a manual system, inexpensive, easily affordable even for those who cultivate by passion and practically indispensable for those who manually transplant vegetables in professional cultivation.


How the transplant works

The grafting system is as simple as it is ingenious : it is a tube long enough to allow you to work in a standing position, avoiding having to bend your back each time a seedling is laid.

the pipe sinks into the ground after inserting the seedling the side handle closes . When the handle is operated, the tool opens a hole in the ground: with a simple closing movement, it digs the hole needed to place the seedling in the ground. The length of the handle allows the use good leverage to facilitate movement, so that without much effort you can work well even on heavy ground.

When the plant is inserted into the tube, it slides down, so the fall to the ground is assisted through the tube and leads the plant directly to vertical position .

This system allows you speed up the planting phase reaching more than 15 plants planted in one minute, you work very well even in the presence of covering fabric.

The tool is made of aluminum it is therefore easy to clean and very light: it weighs less than 2 kg.

Types of graft available

The Valmas transplanter is also available with a useful accessory for holding seedling trays, designed for the classic black trays in which plants are usually grown in nurseries, it can make transplanting operations even easier.

This tool exists in different variants, each of them suitable for different types of sowing. Model TM-70 it is the most ductile, since it allows the transplanting of seedlings in breads of earth of a size between 3.5 and 7 cm. This is the most common size used in nurseries and most garden plants are this size, so it is definitely the recommended tool for gardeners.

Then there is the TM-40 model for putting seedlings in very small pots or suitable for bare root plants, and the TM-105 transplanter for prepared plants in larger pots (between 7 and 10 cm). The small model is valid for those who plant in blocks of compacted soil, while the larger model is useful, for example, for pumpkin and in general for all cucurbits which generally remain in larger containers.

You can also buy the transplant directly from Amazon.

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