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Here is our guide to growing this fruit: Cantaloupe in the summer garden can be a source of great satisfaction, although it requires rich soil and a good amount of water, warmth and potassium. With some tricks that we will report below, we can have excellent sweet and juicy melons in the garden.

This plant is considered a table fruit but is for all intents and purposes a vegetable. Botanically, melon is a close relative of pumpkin and cucumber, as well as watermelon.

It is a fruit that children like very much and which can also be eaten as a main dish with ham. Planting in the garden is definitely worth a try.

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  • How and when to sow

  • growing melon step by step

  • Pests and diseases to defend melons against

  • Pick this fruit

  • Melon varieties that can be grown

How and when to sow

Climate. The melon is a plant typical of hot climates, so the seed begins to germinate above 24 degrees and likes a climate around 30 degrees, it fears frost and only when the temperature drops below 14 degrees to cause stasis vegetative and inhibit growth.

Usually I. It is a plant of the Cucurbitaceae family that requires soil that is very rich in nutrients, possibly not very acidic, moist but absolutely free of stagnant water. The melon is a potassium plant (the potassium serves to increase the amount of sugar) and therefore the soil should be enriched using compost or ashes.

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