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I have grown various varieties of pothos for over two decades. Snow Queen and Marble Queen Pothos have been my favorite strains.

But I’ve always had trouble telling the difference between the Snow Queen and the Marble Queen. It took me several months of research to learn how to tell them apart.

So what is the main difference between the Snow Queen and the Marble Queen? The Snow Queen has shades of white and the Marble Queen has shades of green. In addition, snow queens grow faster than marble ones.

This article will help you better see the difference between the Snow Queen and the Marble Queen in terms of leaf color, growth rate, and final maintenance regime. You will also learn the similarities between the Snow Queen and the Marble Queen Pothos.

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Comparison Chart (Snow Queen vs Marble Queen Pothos)

Basic conditions snow queen pothos Marble Queen Pothos
variation whiter greener
Shape and appearance of leaves. Heart-shaped and more translucent. Heart-shaped and less translucent.
Rate of growth Experience an average growth rate. It is slower growing than Snow Queen.
Blade Type: Thinner and less veined. Thicker and deeper veins.
foliage color The leaves are light green with white stripes on the surface. The leaves are darker and shinier.
Soil requirement: Loose, well-drained soil. Rich in peat and compost.
Light requirement: Low bright indirect sunlight. Moderately bright indirect sunlight.
Fertilizer requirement Slow release fertilizer Balanced and universal fertilizer for indoor plants.
adult size 3.2 feet 5.0 feet
irrigation routine Once every 10 days Once every 7 days

What are the Frozen Pothos?

Frozen pothos is the most common houseplant. Thanks to shades of white and hanging vines that make a bold statement in any room.

Growing and caring for this beautiful variety of pothos is very easy. It can be grown indoors and outdoors in 10 to 11 zones in the United States.

Outdoor snow queens are larger than indoor ones. In addition, they require little maintenance. But frost can kill them faster.

Pothos species are invasive and can spread easily. It grows quite fast compared to the marble queen pothos.

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What are Marble Queen Pothos?

The marble queen is another popular type of pothos. It is an easy and undemanding variety compared to other pothos varieties.

Marble Queen likes medium to strong indirect sunlight. Good light conditions promote faster growth and better health.

This beautiful perennial vine is a wonderful addition to your home or office plant collection. It is native to tropical and temperate regions. †Source: University of Florida

The marble pothos is ideal for household air purification. But this ornamental plant is toxic to cats and dogs when ingested.

Key Difference Between Snow Queen and Marble Queen Pothos

FIG leaf

Snow queens have shiny, heart-shaped leaves. The surface of the leaf is a little more waxy when you run your finger up and down.

Marbled queens have shiny, heart-shaped leaves. The surface of the leaves is smoother than that of the snow queen leaves.


Snow Queens have a shade of white and less green. White tones make this ornamental plant more translucent.

Marble queens have dark green tones with fewer white streaks. Green tones make this houseplant less translucent.

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Rate of growth

Snow queens grow faster than other varieties of pothos. The rapid growth rate occurs when the Snow Queen receives a good care regimen.

Marble queens have a slower growth rate than snow queens. But better lighting, fertilization and optimum temperature will help speed up the growth rate.

Light requirement:

The Snow Queen thrives in low to bright indirect sunlight. The less green pigment can help the plant to carry out its physiological activities.

Marble Queen likes medium to bright indirect sunlight conditions. Helps the plant produce more chlorophyll pigment to maintain its dark green color.

Soil and water requirements

Snow queens need loose, well-drained potting soil to avoid problems with overwatering. The houseplant needs water once every ten days.

Marble queens need soil rich in peat and compost for better growth and to retain moisture longer. He needs water once every seven days.

Fertilizer requirement

Snow queens need slow-release fertilizer. Plant owners should consider inexpensive organic fertilizers such as seaweed or worm manure.

Marble queens need well-balanced all-purpose fertilizers to speed up their slow growth rate. But the fertilizer should be applied monthly in spring and summer.

fungal disease

Snow queens experience a slow growth rate due to the white tones. Leaf discoloration makes the houseplant more susceptible to fungal diseases.

Marbled queens have more dark green pigment. The coloring of the leaves makes the marble queen pothos less susceptible to fungal diseases.

Similarities Between The Snow Queen and The Marble Queen Pothos

Pothos are tropical plants and like a warm climate regardless of the varieties. Both the Snow Queen and the Marble Queen thrive in a temperature range of 65-85°F.

The Snow Queen and the Pothos Marble Queen belong to the same genus. In addition, these indoor plants can tolerate normal humidity.

The length and shape of the petiole are the same in both plants. But snow queen petioles have more white shades than marble queen petioles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Pothos Snow Queen rare?

Really no. This variegated pothos is very popular at many home decor and plant stores. The white hue allows the houseplant to make a bold statement in a room or office.

Are Manjula Pothos and Marble Queen the same thing?

Both manjula pothos and marble queen belong to the same family Araceae and genus pothos. But the tension is what makes them very different.

Why are my Marble Queen Pothos yellow?

Inadequate soil moisture is the primary cause of royal marble yellowing. If the condition persists, the houseplant will develop root rot and eventually die.

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The difference between the Snow Queen and the Marble Queen depends on the color of the sheet. Marble queen pothos have a creamy green color. The Snow Queen has more shades of white pigment than green.

Marble queen pothos require regular pruning due to their average growth rate. But Snow Queen Pothos is compact in design and requires less pruning.

The Snow Queen and the Pothos Marble Queen belong to the same genus. These ornamental plants require less maintenance and care.

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