Aloe Vera fertilizer. How to make and use it

The aloe vera fertilizer This is another of the ways we have to take advantage of the presence of this plant in the orchard or garden. We will see in depth another use of aloe vera in our garden and especially in plants, since in this case it is a question of using aloe as a liquid fertilizer to water our crops.

aloe vera fertilizer

We already know very well all the properties of the use of aloe vera, one of the plants beneficial to health most importantly, in addition to being a huge source of nutrients for our plants as important as potassium, and which provides other micronutrients essential for their development such as calcium, manganese and zinc. In addition to minerals, it contains amino acids and enzymes that help stimulate and develop roots.

This is precisely what we have already seen on another occasion, when we saw how we could aloe vera root with a house rooting for reproduce our plants and crops, and make cuttings that they grow efficiently into new plants.


How to make fertilizer with aloe vera

Now yes, let’s see how to make fertilizer with aloe vera. To do this we will take our aloe plant, the one that is more or less well developed and we will take 3 leaves from the outside. We will cut it with a knife as close as possible to the base area of ​​the plant. We can also do it with our fingers. We pinch a little and pull to one side. And don’t worry about the plant, because it heals quite well.


At the same time, we also need water. Preferably, rainwater will be used to make the aloe vera fertilizer. If we have not collected rainwater before, we will use tap water. As always, it is important to let it rest for a few days, in order to evaporate the chlorine.

We extract the sap

Of the leaves that we have taken from our plant, we will use almost all of them, but we will remove the tip. More or less two or three fingers, because it is a part of the leaves that barely contains the substances we need to make the fertilizer and it is generally a part that is drier.

With the knife we ​​remove the sides, where these skewers are to make it as efficient as possible.

We are going to break the pieces into smaller parts, small enough to fit in a blender or mixing glass and add them.

aloe vera liquid fertilizer


Once all gone, add water to cover it, more or less about 500ml (half a litre) or a tall glass.

Once we have everything in the blender, we simply beat very well so that everything is very well mixed and crushed. When we see that we already have a fairly homogeneous liquid, it will be ready to use.

It is not strongly recommended to store it, but to prepare it for use at the time. But if we wanted to keep it, we can keep it for a few days in the refrigerator. But, as I say, it is ideal to use it the same day or in the days following its preparation.

how to make fertilizer with aloe vera

How to use aloe vera fertilizer

Once we have prepared the aloe vera fertilizer, we must see how to use it. To use it, it must be reduced to water. This is very important, because we will not use it pure like that, but for every 500 ml that we take out of our preparation, we will add 10 L of water. As always it is more or less approximate, but it is very important to lower it.

This fertilizer or fertilizer with aloe vera or fertialoe and we will use it in the most demanding crops in our garden. It is ideal for spring and summer crops, and especially for crops sensitive to pests or diseases. It is recommended for fruit crops such as tomatoes and the peppers. Very interesting also for its properties for root crops, for which it can be useful when it comes to plant onions, carrots and leeks. But these are just a few suggestions, because our aloe vera fertilizer can be used for all crops.

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Green Plant Fertilizer - 400ml

Green Plant Fertilizer – 400ml

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  • Thought to promote uniform growth and a green color to these ornamental plants for their leaves
  • Applicable in all conditions such as indoor, terrace and garden
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Other Benefits of Aloe Vera Fertilizer

Besides being the healthy aloe vera and a powerful fertilizer, our mixture will serve us also as a pest protector, to fight against fungi and pathogens that attack our plants.

Thus, with this homemade fertilialoe we will have our plants fertilized, more resistant and protected against parasites, pathogens and fungi.

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how to use aloe vera as fertilizer

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