Analyze garden soil

Before starting the garden, it is very important to go and analyze the soil you are going to cultivate. If you are an organic gardener by passion, you certainly cannot afford expensive laboratory tests to study the composition of the soil you have.

However, you can always rely on fairly simple empirical evidence. In this way, it is possible to have an idea of ​​the main characteristics of the soil and to establish the agricultural activity accordingly.

On the other hand, those who grow vegetables or fruit trees for the purpose of obtaining income can be compensated by a professional analysis of the soil, an investment that allows studying ways to obtain better harvests.

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The first assessments in the field are done without any experience or instrumentation, but simply by observing and noting the climatic conditions, the response to rain and the presence of water.

Weather conditions . The soil analysis must go hand in hand with the evaluation of the climatic conditions to which the cultivated plants will be subjected. This topic can be further explored by reading the article dealing with soil exposure to weather, sun and wind. It is necessary to assess the exposure to the sun, to understand how many hours of light the crops will have at their disposal, to know the minimum and maximum temperatures during the different seasons, in order to regulate the planting period. The garden project will necessarily have to take all this information into account.

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