Bruschetta with black cabbage

Black cabbage is an often underestimated vegetable in the kitchen: it is often used to prepare delicious soups, perhaps in combination with legumes such as chickpeas or beans, but it is such a versatile ingredient that we can use it to prepare many delicious dishes.

Since black cabbage plants are often generous in their production, it is good to learn how to use them in different ways and in different recipes. It is a “poor” vegetable, characteristic of Tuscan peasant cuisine.

Its flavor goes very well with savory foods such as cold meats and cheeses, as in the recipe that we offer you today: bruschetta of black cabbage with Grana cheese and Asiago Dop. Accompanied by slices of good country bread, you will have a quick and easy to prepare starter, full of flavors and with ingredients from your garden!

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