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Most houseplant growers tend to choose bromeliad as their favorite plant for its health and aesthetic benefits and the ease of care needed to survive.

Although a favorite among houseplant growers, the houseplant can be a source of concern for growers because some mishaps occur during the growing process, which can be difficult. One of these accidents is Bromeliad plant turning yellow

Typically, when growers notice that the the bromeliad plant begins to turn yellowthey fear they have made a costly mistake or missed a crucial step in the propagation process.

Have you noticed your bromeliads turning yellow lately and you can’t figure out what’s happened, read on to find out what’s causing it, what to do about it and how to prevent it.

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6 Reasons Why Your Bromeliads Are Turning Yellow

The following reasons will help you understand why your bromeliad is turning yellow.

1. Inadequate soil moisture

Good soil moisture is one of the essential conditions for the survival of a bromeliad plant. Good soil drains quickly and aerates.

The soil must be able to retain moisture to keep the roots moist, but not soggy. If your soil is soggy it means there is too much water that has not been drained and this can lead to stem or root rot which can affect the foliage of your bromeliads as they usually start to turn yellow.

You should not overwater your plant as this is one of the main causes of yellowing bromeliads. Is that why your bromeliad turned yellow? Always make sure your bromeliad pots have drainage holes; drainage holes help remove excess water from the soil.

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2. Lighting

Is your bromeliad plant getting the proper light it needs to survive? Bromeliads need bright, but not direct, light to thrive. If you place it indoors, you can place your bromeliad under bright light to give it the illumination it needs.

If it is outdoors, you can place it between trees and plants that provide shade and avoid direct sunlight, which can reduce its growth and appearance. If bromeliads are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, they will burn and lose their vibrant color; This is when you notice your bromeliad starting to turn yellow.

3. Pests can turn your bromeliad leaves yellow.

Infestation occurs when there is a bug or insect attack on your plant; this has the potential to sneak up on your bromeliad’s growth. An infestation can occur with a change of environment, for example if you move your bromeliad from an outdoor environment to an indoor environment.

Some insects to look for are aphids, scale insects, or scale insects. Pests can damage bromeliads, as their toxins can damage the flowers of the plant. Generally, a good regular inspection will help identify a pest infestation fairly quickly before it gets out of control.

4. Insufficient watering

Despite the emphasis on not overwatering your bromeliad, some growers neglect their bromeliad entirely by not giving it the amount of water it needs to survive.

If the soil for your bromeliad is dry, the roots of the plant are deprived of certain nutrients. This could be the reason your bromeliad is turning yellow. Be sure to always give your bromeliad plenty of water.

5. Incorrect humidity levels

If you live in a low humidity area, your plants may be affected as they dry out faster than a bromeliad in a high humidity environment. Humidifiers help with this challenge. Humidifiers are almost necessary for winter seasons or extreme weather conditions.

Are bromeliad leaves turning yellow?

6. Growth process

Your bromeliad may be fine. If none of the above causes your bromeliad to turn yellow. As they grow, older bromeliads tend to turn yellow; The older leaves at the bottom of the bromeliad are more prone to yellowing.

What to do if bromeliad leaves turn yellow?

  1. Don’t overwater your plant or deprive it of the water it needs.
  2. In the event of an infestation, you can remove affected plants from healthy plants to limit the spread, but if things get out of control, consult a professional grower for recommendations.
  3. Use humidifiers in areas with low humidity. Here’s a list of the ones we recommend, or just hit the button below to shop our favorite option.
  4. Use proper containers and pots to ensure good drainage for your bromeliad soil

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final thoughts

With all of this, you should have figured out why your bromeliad is turning yellow, and if the tips are followed, you can protect your future bromeliads from the same challenge.

Remember that bromeliads are not oil friendly as they can choke the plant and stunt its growth.

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