Beautiful and Simple Garden Ideas

beautiful and simple gardens

If you have a house with a garden, it is normal to want it to be well maintained and very beautiful. Simply because, when you look at it, it will make you smile. So, how about giving yourself some ideas for beautiful and simple gardens?

He Just encouraging yourself to create like this can be very therapeutic and help relax your mind., to have another point of view or simply to disconnect from everyday life. Do you dare to see what we imagined?


a garden with stones

Yes, stones. You can actually use them in different ways. For example:

  • You can place stones forming pathsso that when you go out into the garden you have several directions to follow and each one takes you to a corner of the garden with different plants, flowers… Of course we recommend that the base be a lawn or similar for let there be a green accompaniment on your path.
  • Use the stones to mark out the plant areas. For example, make a kind of wall with them to separate certain plants from others, or simply to serve as a border so that you can water them without losing water.
  • Plant between stones. In this case, you should consider plants that are really good in rocky areas.

Puedes establecer una zona de rocas, no tanto para tener jardines bonitos y sencillos, sino como una form de dar un “descanso” y disfrutar de una estructura de piedras sin más (aunque si entre las piedras crecen algunas plantas quedará mucho mejor con el paso time).

with artificial grass

woman observing a garden

If you don’t want to devote a lot of time to your garden, either because you don’t have the time, or because you’re not good at it, or because of the conditions you live in, you can opt for that.

We know that It’s not the same as natural but for this reason, instead of covering the garden with natural plants, you could place only a few, favoring artificial ones that avoid spending a lot of time on them.

For example, if your garden is small, you could cover the ground with artificial grass and in the center, or delimiting the space, you could put a row of wildflowers (they practically take care of themselves). Many are annuals and come out the following spring, so you shouldn’t have to worry about them.

Another option is place one or two trees in the garden (if it’s big) and take care of it, or some hedges (natural or artificial, we leave that to your taste).

Pleasant and simple gardens with paths

Having a path in the garden that takes you outside or inside the house is something very common. But if, in addition, on the sides, either on two, or on one, or in a zigzag, you decorate it with some flowering plants, it will be much more beautiful.

Now we have to be objective. And yes, It will look very pretty, but you have to watch out for insects, especially if you plant flowers that attract wasps, bees, etc. Although they don’t have to sting, if you pass you can get a good scare (especially if you’re allergic).

So you have to weigh whether it’s the best or you have to leave the way free and dedicate the decoration to rooms where you don’t spend so much.

Gravel to recreate a desert

How about giving your garden a twist? When you think of beautiful, simple gardens, it’s only natural that you imagine a green expanse with trees, plants, and flowers everywhere. But, what if we imagined a desert with plants from this place?

Well yes, that’s another idea you can achieve. Actually, you will only need gravel and plants related to this area (such as palms, ginkgos, etc.).

You should throw the gravel all over the ground in the garden and sprinkle it with some vegetation. For example, some palm trees would look great in one corner of the garden, while the gingko could be in the center or on the other side.

Also, there is more vegetation than you can envision, even with flowers.

A secret garden made of vines

heart among the vines

If you want to have a little corner in your house where you can keep prying eyes away, this can be one of the best ideas.

It is plant vines on the walls of the garden so that they grow and climb up the walls until they completely cover them. This way you will be totally isolated and you can have a covered space all to yourself.

Yes you will have to go size to delimit each of the plants. As for the ground, grass or similar would be the best option.

Regarding vines, if you do not want only green vines, there are some that have flowers and can be more interesting for your garden.

Fruit trees

There is nothing quite like beautiful, simple gardens made of fruit trees. Not only will they give you shade where you need it, but you can also save in the basket when you collect their fruit.

you canPlace lemon trees, orange trees, apple trees or even cherry trees, which are trees that adapt very well to environments. Of course, your garden must have a lot of sun. And how wide it is to have so many fruit trees.

For the wall area, you can opt for vines, but keep in mind that they will need a roof or similar to be able to climb up and throw grapes at you.

vertical gardens

If you don’t want to have anything in the garden, for example because it is very small. But at the same time you like plants, why not opt ​​for this one?

THE vertical gardens can be made in many ways, but one of the easiest is to buy fabric gardens with pockets in each by planting a few seeds of flowering plants that don’t grow much like poppies, pansies, etc. Play around with colors a bit and add some green plants for contrast. The result will please you for sure.

house with lots of plants

Travel to the Orient with an oriental garden

Oriental gardens are characterized by have water, stones and few plants. But at the same time they convey peace and tranquility. You can create something like this in your garden and even enjoy changing the sand daily, making shapes in it, or just meditating.

Additionally, you can add vegetation and if you place a water source could you include fish (of cold water).

As you can see, we can think of many ideas for beautiful and simple gardens. Do you still have it? Share it with us!

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