How to protect an avocado tree from frost

Frost can damage or kill our small trees. This is why today we are going to see how to protect an avocado tree from frost.

protect the avocado tree from frost

Blog followers know that we have a particular attraction for this fruit, but given the environmental problem that its extensive cultivation causes in many regions, we have always opted for self-cultivation.

We have seen how sprout avocado from a stone of the fruit, which is one of the most common forms, although we can also reproduce avocado cutting or buy the small plant.

Sprouting is also a really fun way to do it with kids because being one of those plants that grow in water without soil. Thanks to the size of the seed, the complete germination process can be visualized step by step.

We also explained how avocado plant once the tree is about 20 centimeters tall. And on another occasion we shared the path lawyer registryand see if we manage to save ourselves some of the 15 or 20 years needed for a tree to become mature enough to start bearing fruit.

Today we will learn how to protect avocados from freezing. A path that, as you will see, is quite simple and quick to prepare, but at the same time very effective against wind and frost.



It is important to keep in mind that at least during the first 3 or 4 years of life of our little tree, it is very sensitive to frost and that is why we must take care of it and prevent it from dying at due to a sharp drop in temperature.

To protect the avocado tree from freezing, we will need a few materials and no tools:

  • 5 wavy stems (can be reeds or long branches about 2 meters long)
  • String of characters
  • Thermal blanket
  • About 10 cable ties (optional)

Unlike other systems, like the one we saw in the article on how to protect a lemon tree from frostit does not have the disadvantage that ice or anything else can accumulate on the upper part, due, as you will see, to the shape of this protection system.

Step by Step Avocado Tree Protector

Now let’s see the steps, which are very simple. It is an antifreeze system that is useful both for this tree and also for small fruit trees, shrubs and large plants that we cannot cover in any other way.


What we are going to do is nail the rods or canes around the small tree, shaped like a teepee. In my case there are 5, but it can be 6 rods. I chose these corrugated metal rods because they are very easy to nail and also very strong.

It is very important that the stems do not touch the tree, so we will leave a distance of at least 10 cm between the branches or leaves and the stems.

how to protect the avocado tree from frost

Once the rods that form the structure are laid, the upper part is tied with the rope to prevent the rods from separating. In addition, by joining them, we make the total weight of the 5 rods make the structure more coherent.

how to protect avocados from freezing


The next thing we do is interlaTie the stems tightly so that the trellis does not touch the branches or leaves, and thus prevent them from burning.

The distance between the rows will be about 4 or 5 centimeters and we take advantage of each turn to go down one level.

At the base of this, the distance from the ground and the last piece of string will be about 15 or 20. It is important to leave this part low so that the plant can sweat.

avocado jelly

Thermal blanket

Finally we place the anti-freeze thermal cover, extending it as seen in the video. The shape is very simple, like a warm blanket or a jacket. One round would do, unless you want to use it again, like in my case, with other crops and you’d rather not cut it.

It is important to leave about 10 centimeters in the lower part without covering so that, as we have said, the plant can transpire. We can tie some of the pieces with zip ties or with the same rope to hold it better and prevent it from blowing away in the wind.

Finally, we attach the upper part well to prevent it from forming a bowl or a cup and accumulating water or ice, which does not interest us at all.protect the avocado from frost

What is this fruit for?

Besides making delicious recipes, one of the things I love is that you can make a powerful avocado seed insecticideand thus enjoy all the fruits.

On the revenue side, without a doubt the avocado piewith the smoothness of this fruit and the taste of chocolate, as well as the classic guacamole or the avocado mayonnaise among many others.

how to protect avocado trees from the cold

We hope this article on how to protect an avocado tree from frost has been useful to you, and you already know that you can use it with other small trees or shrubs with similar characteristics or shapes.

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how to protect an avocado tree from frost

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