Black Friday 2022 to start your urban garden

Create an urban garden. We’ve been talking about it since this blog started over 10 years ago, but we’ve never talked about the cost. And it is that, although Black Friday is associated with technology… we are going to justify the sales for the garden a little.

The pleasure of growing your own vegetables.

Never before have we had so many options to grow crops even though we didn’t have land to do so. There are grow tables, crops on roofs, on walls such as vertical gardens and endless ideas to be able to grow even a bush of peppers or radishes or cherry tomatoes in a simple planter or pot.

The disconnection of city dwellers with nature is overwhelming. Although we create green spaces such as gardens and parks, there is still a physical separation that influences our ancestral genetics. Asphalt usually tires us out and we often need to escape the city to feel the cleaner, fresher air.

We experienced this same disconnection with food. Everything is wrapped, everything is waxed, impeccable, shiny, without worms, without snails between the lettuce leaves. All the vegetables are turgid, perfect, without spots, without leaves eaten by some larva of some insect or bird eager for green shoots. And it’s after this absolute disconnect that many people feel the unstoppable sensation of staining their hands again with dirt and worrying about watering, fertilizing, weeds, predatory insects. .all this to achieve in many cases even if it is only 4 lettuces and 3 tomatoes that you eat with more intensity than any organic raff tomato in a wooden box and with all the labels organic that you could buy. Because? Very simple. Did you do this.

the cost of the land

It doesn’t seem like much, but it’s with the first that you have to start. Having soil to cultivate is something inherent in farming and gardening. Insurance? In the vast majority of cases, yes, but remember that there are countless garden projects in cities in almost every space. A roof terrace, a balcony, a patio, the basement of a house, even a pot! But we are not going to pretend that he who has a piece of garden, or a town near his house, has a lot of cattle. Fortunately, the social agents of the cities (town halls, associations, etc.) in many places, realized the increase in the number of people to cultivate in the cities.

urban garden

I have no land. How to start?

If you don’t have land to start with, the first plan is to start with a grow table, soil, seeds, and a watering can. You don’t need much more. In this link you can start diving and find deals for this Black Friday that suit you to start with the garden.

The growing tables represent the biggest initial investment if you opt for this type of urban garden. The price range is very wide and there are wooden ones at 250 euros, metal ones (see product) with average prices between 50 and 100 euros, and plastic ones, simpler and cheaper, at no more than 50 euros. With this you can start testing. Seeds cost pennies. Although if you are new to this field, we recommend that you start in the spring by buying already sprouted vegetable plants, lettuce for example.

Grow Table Guide

I don’t want to get into so much on the grow table but I want to plant something

Very well. In this case, the pots are an excellent support for many edible plants that can serve to relieve the itch of growing your own food. Red radishes give great color in salads and are absurdly easy to grow, they don’t cause problems, they grow quickly and they do well in any pot. Arugula is another example if you like to add it to your salads. In balcony planters you can even grow cherry tomatoes, piparras, chili peppers and small peppers as long as they face south. Besides pure vegetables, have you thought about growing your own aromatic plants?

grow radishes

If I have land, where do I start?

Having a small plot is ideal for slightly larger productions that even allow you to give vegetables to family and friends, but it requires a slightly higher initial investment. If we have more counters, we will need slightly more adapted tools. Hoes and a shovel to remove stones and pebbles, level the ground and aerate it if it is compacted. Deep bedding is one of the best ways to start reclaiming unused soil and enriching it with equal parts composted horse manure and mulch. The next point is where we are going to find a water point for irrigation. Once we have it, we have to decide if we water first with a hose or a shower head or if we want to automate it. In this case, the cost of solenoid valves, timer, wiring, tubing, elbows, connections, taps, irrigation nozzles, etc. requires a slightly higher investment of around 300 euros. If you take advantage of it, then in the end it is worth creating your own irrigation system.

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