Bosch Professional Gas 35 M AFC wet/dry vacuum cleaner review

This wet and dry vacuum is one of the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners and is found in many of the best wet and dry vacuums. Designed for industrial use, this vacuum offers powerful wet and dry suction and picks up even the finest dust and moisture.

Thanks to the powerful 24V motor and the automatic filter cleaning system (AFC), this vacuum cleaner never loses its suction power. The device has obtained the EU Dust Extraction Class M safety certificate as it provides only the highest level of protection to the user. Another useful safety feature is the automatic shut-off mechanism, which activates when the fluid reservoir is full. Bosch has also integrated an automatic filter cleaning system, which eliminates the need to switch off the extractor hood to clean the filter. Instead, work can continue uninterrupted.

Antistatic equipment provides additional protection to the user by preventing static charging. Designed to alert the user when airflow drops below a certain level, the Flow Sensor Alarm further enhances safety and optimizes device performance.

The Bosch Professional Gas 35 M comes complete with 3 chrome suction tubes, anti-static kit, power tool adapter, elbow, floor nozzles, filter and a specially designed crevice tool.

This wet and dry vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly one of the most efficient industrial vacuum cleaners and it keeps all its promises. Powerful wet and dry suction, generous user protection, ease of use, long-lasting, uninterrupted performance and smart technical innovations such as the AFC system and flow sensor alarm. This unit is a must-have for anyone looking for an industrial-grade wet/dry vacuum.

The price of the device is in the range of other industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Ultimately, you’re paying for top performance and smart technology, but I expect this device to be as durable as Bosch products in general. This wet and dry vacuum cleaner is only suitable for intensive industrial use and not for confined spaces.


  • Powerful wet and dry suction action.
  • antistatic safety equipment
  • Smart Air Flow Sensor Alarm
  • Automatic filter cleaning system for uninterrupted use
  • 3 chrome suction pipes
  • Floor nozzles and corner nozzles
  • relatively light

the inconvenients

  • The airflow sensor alarm sounds too frequently when using the crevice tool
  • Only suitable for industrial use.
  • High price
  • Insufficient cable winding
  • Difficult to move around in tight spaces

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