Greenhouses for orchards – Tips for my orchard


Modular garden greenhouses

Mounting kits for garden greenhouses are produced in different sizes. The supporting structure is made of rustproof galvanized steel, while the fixing bolts are made of stainless steel. As with rigid greenhouses, the cover is made of polycarbonate sheets. Attention to materials can take into account the protection against ultraviolet rays, which must be guaranteed on both sides of the plastic surfaces, in order to prolong the life of the panels. One of the fundamental requirements of modern greenhouses is that they can be opened to facilitate air exchange during the summer, when excessive temperatures would be counterproductive. Usually this function is achieved with the possibility of sliding the sheets or wrapping the PVC sheet with ropes.

Materials and manufacturing

If you choose a modular cell, it is always possible to expand it later by adding modules that extend the existing structure. Depending on the crops planted, shading may be required, which is done by a special support structure of the shade cloth. Most greenhouses are maintenance-free, the structure is built to last for several years, and replacement of the polycarbonate sheet(s) is inexpensive. On the market, companies offer a wall-mounting solution that allows, by means of special brackets, to use a wall as a support and to mount the rigid greenhouse on the side of the house. This solution allows savings in material and greater rigidity of the structure.

glass greenhouses

Greenhouses can also be made with an aluminum frame and a glass cover. Given the use of glass, the structure requires a certain stability which is achieved by building foundations around the entire perimeter of the structure. These rigid greenhouses can be equipped with gutters to collect rainwater and necessarily with all opening devices. Although these are structures for horticultural use, they are also designed for individuals of various sizes, width by length from 3 x 3 m to 3 x 10 m. Even in the case of glass greenhouses, mounting on the wall, close to the house, is possible. If paved, they can be used in winter for the shelter of potted plants, or for the germination of seedlings to be transplanted into the garden in spring. In summer they will become a

Greenhouses for orchards: alternative solutions

Crop protection solutions vary according to the need and the size of the surfaces. As for vegetables, systems are possible that also allow covering small areas, such as in the case of germination trays, ideal for anticipating the transplanting of vegetables in the spring. These structures can easily be made of wood and then covered and closed with old windows or simple polycarbonate sheets closed in a hinged wooden frame. The use of a greenhouse, during the winter, allows cultivation only if it is sufficiently heated, however this solution is very expensive because the dispersion of heat towards the outside is very high and therefore it is not recommended. However, in protected crops, it is possible to grow varieties of broadleaf vegetables such as spinach, ribs, chard, radishes,

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