breaded cauliflower

Breaded cauliflowers are perfect for starting winter lunches and dinners. It allows us to taste the cauliflowers, protagonists of this season in our gardens, which we prepare fried in a delicate batter. This way, even the little ones can eat this delicious vegetable, because you know, fried (in moderation of course) he always likes it!

Preparing this vegetable paste is very simple: just quickly boil the cauliflower florets and brown them for a few minutes in hot oil. With a few simple “tricks”, like using beer, you will get a crispy and not too greasy batter, let’s find out how to make the perfect fried cauliflower.

A word of advice: prepare more than planned, because they will run out quickly. At the end of the recipe, you will also find some suggestions for adding more flavor to the breaded cauliflower and varying the taste of this appetizing starter.

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