Build a fence for snail farming

Snails are notoriously slow animals but they are also curious and stubborn: no matter how high a wall they will try to climb it, no matter how big a breeding pen they will try to climb. go out. As snails walk better on vertical walls than spider-man and continually try to escape from their tank, it is good to know how to contain them by setting up the appropriate helical nets.

The fence has a double purpose: on the one hand not to let the snails disperse and keep them in the breeding area, on the other hand to protect the snails from ultraviolet rays, for this reason a very good material is polyethylene HDPE .

Very often, as the life of snails develops purely from dusk to dawn, it happens in the morning to find them resting in the perimeter network instead of in the middle of the vegetation, for this reason it is to a fundamental importance that the laretesia is above all original and especially anti ultraviolet.

LareteHDPE does not protect snails from predators, it has simple anti-escape and shading function. To protect the farm from predators (mice, reptiles, etc.), it is also necessary to provide a perimeter fence for the plot, made of sheet metal. A fence capable of keeping rats, moles and snakes out should be buried at least 12 inches and have support posts inside the fence. If the posts are left out, mice or reptiles can climb on them by climbing the post, in the same way the depth at which it is buried is important to protect the snails from predators such as moles and voles, able to dig

Dimensions of the fence area . Outdoor snail farming does not necessarily have a fixed size, as snails adapt to any space and, of course, the size depends on the number of specimens you want to keep. However, for convenience, it is appropriate to design narrow and long enclosures, generally considered to be 4 meters wide, and then expand for a long time. This way it’s easy to keep an eye on the snails without having to get into the nets.

Palisade height and dimensions . The fence to contain the snails is built with these criteria:

  • Underground part of at least 10 cm.

  • Height at least 80/100 cm.

  • Protruding inwards by at least 20/30 cm, this leak-proof steering wheel is used to prevent snails from escaping.

  • In some cases, a double anti-inflection fence is made to prevent snails from escaping.

Materials to use for the fence .

  • challenges. The wooden poles are good, the wood is comfortable to anchor the net in the best way and it is for this reason that it is most used by snail farmers. Wooden poles are preferable to iron poles, because the metal becomes hot in summer and many snails which often stay on the poles to rest would be burned.
  • Report . The net for heli-farming must be very strong and with a very fine mesh, also because among the most dangerous snail predators there are rodents capable of breaking by biting normal fences. The thickest material offered is polyethylene HDPE which protects against UV rays.

Experience teaches us that 100% waterproof nets do not exist, even if some snails insist on coming out all the time. Even moles, despite the underground fences, sometimes get inside. For this reason, it is essential that the winemaker never sleeps deeply and often controls his aging.

Where to buy snail nets

If you want to build a fence suitable for heli farming, you must choose the right material, both for the fine mesh and for the resistance, the net must also be protected from the sun. For this reason, it is better to consult specialists in propelling than to buy the wrong equipment at a hardware store.

I recommend that you contact the company La Lumaca di Ambra Cantoni, which can provide you with suitable nets for snail farming, as well as advice on the best way to set up your business. This is not a mere advertising recommendation: the company has put its twenty years of experience in heli-farming at the disposal of Orto Da Coltivare and the articles explaining how to raise snails are written thanks to their advice. You can request networks or call 338.3757107 or 349.5243403, saying that you have found the contact in Orto Da Coltivare.

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