Can an olive tree be grown indoors?

The olive tree is sometimes kept indoors

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Decorating the house with large plants like trees is something that has been done for millennia, but the olive tree is so demanding that it is rarely kept indoors. However, it is a very popular plant, because it is very resistant to drought, and it is also beautiful and elegant, which greatly beautifies the room.

Although if it is hot it should be kept outdoors, in some cases it can be kept indoors. But how? That is to say, What care should be taken to make it look good?


How to maintain an olive tree indoors?

The olive tree is propagated by cuttings and suckers

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Olive trees are very popular indoor trees, growing. For this reason, we want you to learn how to take care of it in the best possible way:

Where to plant an olive tree?

The olive tree is an evergreen tree that needs lots and lots of light. In fact, if we had it outside, we would have to place it in a sunny spot, where it would receive a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. Therefore, at home we will place it in the room that receives the most light, that is, where there are windows facing east, where the sun rises.

But in addition, it is important that it be placed as far as possible from air conditioning, radiators, fans and any other devices that generate drafts, otherwise the leaves will dry out.

Which jar is the right one?

When we search for images of olive trees grown indoors, we usually see photos of plants that are in pots which, yes, are very pretty, but they do not have holes in their base through which water can escape. And that’s a problem, since which is a tree that can’t stand having its roots floodedwhich is exactly what happens when plants are grown in such containers.

But in addition to choosing a pot with drainage holes, it is also important that it is the right size. For example, if our tree is currently in a tree 15 centimeters in diameter, the next one should be about 10 centimeters wider and taller so that it can grow well for a few years.

After three or four springs at the most, we will see if the roots come out through the holes and/or if it has already occupied the whole pot, which we will know if trying to remove the tree from it, the clod or the earth bread comes out without falling apart.

What kind of soil does a potted olive tree need?

The olive tree is a Mediterranean tree which grows in alkaline but well-drained soils. It does not need soils rich in organic matter, but it could not grow in poor soils, such as those that have suffered serious damage from erosion for example.

For this reason, if we are going to have it in a jar it is strongly recommended to fill it with a universal growing medium for plantslike that of the Flower, Fertiberia or even Compo brands if it is mixed with 30 or 40% perlite.

How often to water the indoor olive tree?

Watering plants must be an important task for the gardener

It should not be watered too much. Here, the soil takes a long time to dry out, so we will only do it once a week, or twice during the summer. But yes, when we do, we have to pour the water into the ground, and water until it comes out through the drainage holes of the pot, otherwise we run the risk that some roots remain without being able to hydrate .

The water we will use for irrigation will either be rainwater or tap water as long as it has a pH of 7.5 or less. It can also be bottled water. Besides, if we put a plate under the pot, we will drain it after watering so that the roots do not suffer any damage.

Do you have to pay?

It is highly recommended. The olive tree is not a very demanding plant, but if we fertilize it, it will look better and be healthier. But when to pay it? We will start to do this once the spring is installed, that is, when there will be no more cold storms. In Spain this usually happens from March or April, but it will depend a lot on the region and also on the weather that year, because for example a year the temperatures can recover very quickly, but the following year it can be cold in April or even in May. Therefore, it should not be fertilized as long as temperatures remain below 10°C.

It will continue to pay until fall or winter, that is, until it turns cold again and temperatures drop below ten degrees Celsius. To do this, you must use fertilizers or liquid fertilizers such as guano (get it here) or universal, or if you want fertilizer nails for green plants (like these here). Of course, the instructions for use must be followed in order not to cause damage.

When and how to prune the indoor olive tree?

It is important to prune it from time to time, because it is a tree that can measure between 4 and 12 meters high if planted on the ground. Although it stays much lower in a pot, if we can’t, it could reach 3 or even 4 meters over time. For it, it doesn’t hurt to prune it, something that will be done in the fall.

For it, appropriate pruning tools such as anvil shears will be used (on sale here), or kitchen to cut tender branches. In the event that a woody branch needs to be pruned or removed, a small handsaw will be used. Before cutting, we will clean the tools well; In this way we will keep the health of our tree intact. So, we will proceed as follows:

  • Remove dead branches, that is, those that are dry and brittle.
  • Cut off the overgrown ones, giving them a messy look.
  • Trim the rest if necessary, keeping a rounded and/or somewhat open crown.

What is the meaning of having an olive tree at home?

Finally, you should know that the olive tree for certain beliefs such as Feng Shui, It is a symbol of prosperity, abundance and peace.. It is a tree that lives in environments with little rain, with very hot and dry summers, and which still produces many fruits – olives – almost effortlessly.

Also, as we have seen, it is not a very demanding plant, although indoors we must be a little more aware of it than we would be if we had it in the terrace or in the garden. garden. But even so, it is a plant that can last us for many years if we give it the care it needs.

Where to buy an olive tree?

The olive tree can be inside

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