How to buy a barbecue cover

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With good weather, it’s common for you to want to invite your friends and family over the weekend and have one of the meals barbecued. But, if you already have it and go there you may find it full of dust, water, leaves…if you haven’t taken great care of it. So how about a barbecue cover?

With her you protect your barbecue from bad weather and you will make it last much longer. But how to buy one? We explain it to you below.


Top 1. The best barbecue cover


  • Made of high quality 420D Oxford fabric.
  • Weather resistant.
  • It is adjustable.

The inconvenients

  • It is difficult to adjust the lower part.
  • Very light and thin case.

Selection of barbecue covers

Here are a few other grill covers you’ll protect your grill with the way it should (and save you from having to buy another one).

Velway Waterproof Grill Cover

In the largest size of this brand, 147 x 61 x 117 centimeters, you have a cover Compatible with most grids on the market. It will protect the barbecue from wind, water, dust and scratches and droppings from birds or other animals.

Waterproof barbecue cover

Size medium (there are larger ones), you get this 147 x 61 x 117 centimeter cover made of high-density 420D nylon Oxford fabric. He is thicker than other materials and not easy to break.

It also has extra velcro straps at the bottom to secure it properly to the barbecue.

Amazon Basics Grill Cover

In raw white and brown, you have a medium cover made of 100% polyester. Its dimensions are 152.4 x 66 x 117 centimeters.

It’s used for protect from rain, snow and other outdoor elements. It also has snap buckle straps that easily hold the cover.

Amazon Basics Gas Grill Cover

This is the extra large model, measuring 182.9 x 71.1 x 116.8 centimeters. It has an elastic cord so that the cover stays in place even in windy and Fits gas grills up to 70″ x 26″.

It is made of polyester fabric with a waterproof part.

Grillman Waterproof Grill Cover

In beige and in the largest size, 183 x 66 x 130 centimeters, you have a waterproof cover for the barbecue made of heavy material to prevent it from blowing away. It is weather resistant and cleans easily with a little soap and water.

BBQ Cover Buying Guide

Recognize it; When you have a barbecue in the garden, they are rarely the ones who protect it from the rain, the wind or the sun. And yet, all this can affect it negatively, while it could transmit the bad smell to the food you cook there (or worse).

When it comes to having a barbecue, having a place to store it, or a barbecue cover, becomes a necessity. With her you prevent it from staining, rusting, damaging… and at the same time you protect your health since there you make the food that you then put in your mouth.

But how to buy a barbecue cover? What should you pay attention to? Here you have the main aspects to consider.


The first thing we need to talk about is the type of barbecue cover. For example, you may have the barbecue in a well-protected place, perhaps a garden shed, perhaps a porch, etc. However, there it can stain or oxidize, therefore an “indoor” cover would be the most correct as it is not exposed to rain, sun, etc. but yes to other aspects.

In exchange, if you have the barbecue outside all year roundeither because it is large, or because it does not fold, or because you have nowhere to store it, you will need a special case strong enough to keep it. In short, one for the outdoors.


The next important aspect to consider is the size of the barbecue cover. Obviously, if you buy it too small, it won’t protect your barbecue 100%, and if you buy it too big, you risk it falling if you don’t attach it well.

Yes OK it is better to be a little bigger than your barbecue To avoid putting it too tight, you should not go too far either. Or you’ll have to find a way to hold it so it doesn’t escape.


Finally, the price is also a determining factor. You don’t want to buy an expensive case. In fgeneral, prices are around 20-40 euros. In this price range, you can find good quality.

Or buy?

outdoor barbecue cover

Once you are clear on all the factors that will influence the purchase of a barbecue cover, the next step is to know where to buy it at the best price. In this sense, we have analyzed some of the best known and most sought-after stores on the Internet and this is what we have found.


We start with Amazon who is where we saw more items to choose from, of different designs, sizes, etc. As for the prices, they are quite affordable. Some can be a bit more expensive than usual, so it’s a good idea to research this model online in case it’s cheaper.


At Bricomart, at least online we couldn’t find barbecue covers on your website. In fact, just looking for barbecues, we found two articles, and none related to a blanket.

This does not mean that they are not physically in the stores, they may be. But online, right now, they don’t have them.


With over a hundred products, Carrefour has barbecue covers in its catalog. Of course, don’t forget that it’s now open to third-party suppliers, so even if you’re buying from Carrefour, you can do so by buying from another third-party.


The Lidl cover is one of the most sought after for certain types of barbecues. It is true that they do not have several measures and they are not available in stores when you want them.

It is part of the temporary articles of the chain, implying that he occasionally comes to stores and then disappears. Now you can check in their online store as they may have it available. There you will know the measurements and how it is to see if it fits your type of barbecue.


at Ikea There are no such barbecue covers, but your search leads you to furniture covers. This implies that you can find one but not specifically for a barbecue. Even so, they can be used as long as they have the proper measurements.

Considering all this, all you have to do is get your barbecue cover. Which will you choose?

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