Capsula Mundi: an ecological approach to eternal rest

In a world increasingly concerned with sustainability and respect for nature, it is natural for innovative solutions to arise that even address aspects of life that are rarely questioned. One of these aspects is eternal rest after death. In this context, the concept of Capsule Mundi, an ecological and conscious alternative for those who want to leave a lasting legacy even after they are gone. In this article, we will introduce you to the concept of Capsula Mundi, we will explain what it consists of and how this unique system works.


What is the Mundi Capsule?

La Capsula Mundi is an initiative founded by Italian designers Anna Citelli And Raoul Pretzelwho proposed changing the traditional form of burial and replace it with a more environmentally friendly approach. The idea behind the Capsula Mundi is simple yet powerful: use biodegradable capsules to bury the deceased and allow their bodies to become an afterlife.

How does Capsule Mundi work?

The Capsula Mundi process is based on the harmonious interaction between nature and human life, even after death. Here is how the system works step by step:

1. Biodegradable capsule: The process begins with choosing a biodegradable capsule made from cornstarch. This capsule is completely eco-friendly and sustainable, designed to break down naturally over time without harming the environment.

2. Fetal position: The body of the deceased is placed in a fetal position inside the capsule, symbolizing a symbolic return to earth and the cycle of life.

3. Burial: The capsule, with the body of the deceased, is buried in the ground, either in a special cemetery for Capsula Mundi, or in a place previously chosen by the deceased or his family.

4. Tree or plant: Above the capsule, a tree or plant is planted, which over time will feed on the nutrients released by the decaying body. This transforms the resting place into a space for growth and life, making the deceased a part of nature’s natural cycle.

5. Commemoration: Instead of traditional tombstones, the location of Capsula Mundi can be marked with a plaque or small sign identifying the tree or plant species planted on top, creating a unique and meaningful memorial site.

Benefits of the Mundi capsule

The Capsula Mundi offers a number of significant advantages over traditional burial methods:

1. Durability: By using biodegradable capsules and planting trees or plants on them, Capsula Mundi respects and enriches the environment instead of harming it.

2. Reduced carbon footprint: By breaking down naturally, the capsule and body of the deceased releases less carbon into the environment than traditional burial methods, helping to mitigate climate change.

3. Symbolism: the fetal position of the body and the process of integration with a tree or plant symbolizes connection and continuity with nature, allowing the cycle of life to continue even after death.

4. Green Legacy: By opting for the Capsula Mundi, people can leave an important and positive legacy for future generations, helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

How much is the Mundi capsule worth?

The approximate price of this capsule for eternal rest is included more than 400 eurosa cost accessible to all, especially when comparing the price of the traditional funeral system.

final considerations

The Capsule Mundi offers a revolutionary perspective on death and eternal rest, fostering a deeper connection with nature and a more sustainable approach to dealing with life after death. It is a viable option for those who wish to leave a conscious and ecological legacy, preserving the beauty and vitality of our planet even beyond our lifetimes.

With the Capsula Mundi, death becomes an opportunity to continue to give life to the Earth and somehow perpetuate our existence in a positive and lasting way.

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