Characteristics and tips for a good choice

If you have a flat garden around your house, whether it’s a nice lawn or a small patio, you’ll probably need a lawnmower to keep it tidy, perhaps enjoying the feeling of a carpet of grass that fits nicely under your bare feet.

There are many models and types of lawn mowers on the market. from small push-along electric models to new automatic robots that do everything by themselves.

In this article we will see together how a lawn mower is made and what models exist, remaining within lawn mowers suitable for domestic lawns , without extending to lawn tractors designed for considerable extensions. Let’s leave robotic lawn mowers aside, because they deserve a thorough and in-depth study. We also try to guide the choice of tool, in order to define the most suitable for each need, capable of helping us best to mow the lawn.

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  • How is a lawn mower

  • Electric, battery or internal combustion engine

    • Push or pull mower

  • Plastic, steel or aluminum frame

  • Grass or mulch collection


What does a lawn mower look like?

conceptually the mower is built around the engine and cutting equipment . a concave frame which conceptually resembles a flattened bell, houses one or more rotating blades , suspended parallel to the ground. If a small lawnmower only has one blade, you can also get two or three for larger models, perhaps for sit-on use.

On this frame is placed engine which can be explosive usually gasoline, 2 or 4 stroke, or electric , cord-powered or battery-operated. The engine has the task of transmitting the movement to the blades directly or with belts, rotating them.

The height from the ground mower deck adjusts raising and lowering the frame , using the mechanical stops that fix the wheels to the frame. The wheels can then be at rest, and therefore require a push from the operator, or drawn by the motor itself for large models, suitable for large areas.

The mower is controlled by a handlebar which may remind you of a shopping cart, where there are throttle and safety controls for starting and, in front-drive models, for moving forward.

The cutting system can provide different working mechanisms, discharging the cut material from the side, chopping it finely and leaving it on the ground to act as mulch/compost (mulching technique). which we are going to deepen) or by transporting it to the collection basket usually located at the rear, under the handlebars and in front of the operator’s legs.

Electric, battery or combustion engine

Lawn mowers are usually equipped with 4-stroke internal combustion engines which in most cases replaced older 2-stroke engines or with electric motors powered by cable or battery .

Convenient battery change on a modern STIHL lawn mower.

If the surface take care of contains an electric machine , even wired, could be the right compromise between cost and performance. However, it’s almost always worth choosing a battery-powered model, which adds convenience by no longer having the limitations of the power cord.

For medium sized areas a good burst mower is the right choice , which can guarantee the necessary power to face longer work sessions, tougher species or taller grass. Also in this case, the models more expensive battery they can be an excellent alternative, guaranteeing sufficient autonomy (perhaps relying on spare batteries) and a level of acoustic comfort superior to gasoline engines.

For very large surfaces the choice of the engine remains for the moment almost obligatory for 4t of gasoline due to battery life limitations.

This generally increases in proportion to the power of the motor, thus increasing the surface cut with each pass and therefore the cutting speed.

Push or pull mower

The mower can be powered in this case the motor also drives the movement of the wheel, or pushed when the motor only drives the blade and the machine is pushed by the operator.

Deciding which option to choose is simple: if the footprint is small, an entry-level push model will do, as long as it’s quality: a well-built machine will last for many years. If the surface to be maintained is high, a traction model is necessary.

Plastic, steel or aluminum frame

When it comes to traction, if the product you are considering is made wisely, the frame will be the most suitable material for the type of machine. A small electric lawnmower should be light and not subject to strong mechanical stress (especially vibration), so a plastic body It will be enough. A larger, more professional model, perhaps with an internal combustion engine, will have an aluminum frame (to minimize weight and ensure corrosion resistance) or a painted steel frame (to provide maximum strength, although more susceptible to rust with wear and poor maintenance).

Grass or mulch collection

Lawn mowers have different solutions for cutting grass. If your lawn is small and you want aseptic cleaning, you’re probably looking for a tool that can pick up grass clippings but this n is not always synonymous with health for your lawn.

As the measurements to be carried out increase, the harvest becomes more and more exhausting and therefore the need to grind and leave on the ground takes over. There are models born for snacking, and others convertible thanks to a plug that is placed in the mouth of the collection basket. This technique shred the grass his name is mulching and it is a good way to avoid the removal of organic matter from the lawn.

If the cosecha in large areas will only be a prerogativa exclusiva del tractor, el acolchado es possible incluso en surfaces pequeñas y/o con máquinas de potencia modesta, eximiendo al operador de la eliminación de la hierba cortada y del gravamen que el cesto ocupa en the machine. In addition, the mulch allows return to the ground at least part of what the grass took to grow so that the grass clippings can be used as fertilizer and mulch.

However, the mulching technique is not without contraindications: the risk of spreading fungal diseases may be higher and the lawn will not have the visual quality which could guarantee a collection system.

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