Common lettuce diseases and crop pests

Lettuce diseases or pests that can affect our plants are usually a minor concern for novices, as it is a crop that many inexperienced people tend to plant in their garden.

lettuce diseases

Pests and diseases of lettuce

It is a crop that usually grows easily and does not require much care, but even if the plant is in the ground for a short time, we must follow a series of steps to prevent pests from devouring it and we must be on the lookout every day to prevent them from ending up with our salads in the blink of an eye.

lettuce pests

Lettuce insects are a symptom that our plant is pesticide free, and a few are not a serious problem, but a lot depends on the insects we are talking about. Let’s take a look at the most common and devastating authentic pests of lettuce that we need to avoid and fight.


Liriomyza is a small fly that lays its eggs between the underside and the top of lettuce leaves where the larva will feed when it hatches. This causes the larva, when making the gallery, to reduce the photosynthesis surface and if there are many specimens, this can kill the plant. To find out how to fight against this scourge of lettuce, we recommend our article on the leaf miners.

the caterpillars

There are many caterpillars that can affect different types of lettuce, although most come from moths. There are those that can simply be seen under the leaves and those that are buried, which is why you should check out our article on what types of caterpillars affect your culture to know how to fight them.

white fly

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes, because in this case the rule also applies since the white fly has been genetically matched to all products we can apply neem oil but being able to fly will get to safety. The chromatic traps They are the key to preventing them.


The green aphid affects lettuce, they are usually placed on the underside of the leaves, if you see white bugs and green ones, it’s the same. It is the moulting of the aphid that indicates that it is growing and shedding its skin. The home remedies for aphids they are effective.

snails and slugs

There is a very common way to deal with these pests. It is a very particular remedy because we put jars with beer and they are attracted by the smell of barley, drowning inside when they try to drink it. This method and others are explained in the article on how to fight snails and slugs from the orchard.

to wire

They can remain in the soil of the crop for up to 5 years in the form of larvae, which is why we must continue this advice strictly.


Nematodes can also remain in the soil for a long time, solarization is the most practical and effective remedy, as we explained in the article on nematodes. nematodes in plants.

lettuce pests

lettuce diseases

Now that we have seen the pests, let’s move on to the most common diseases of our lettuce crops, many of which affect the different varieties and types of them.

type of burn

It is one of the most common lettuce diseases. It produces necroses on the edges of the leaves. This is due to lack of calcium and excess water. Adding calcium would therefore be a good solution. A good way is to go through a eggshell infusion, add calcium to the garden.

Powdery mildew and powdery mildew

These are fungi that originate on the surface of leaves, This article We show you how to identify and combat them.


In conditions of high humidity, rot is generated in the tissues, giving rise to this fungus. It is fought in several ways, as we recommend in the article of the botrytis, home treatment effective against this disease.

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Also known as lettuce white rot, a white, watery lesion is produced and white hairs are generated on the surface of the leaf. can be fought with milk fungicide.

lettuce pests and diseases

premature flower

This disease of lettuce usually appears if they receive a lot of sun or if we plant them in summer, but also due to an excess of fertilizer.

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insects in lettuce

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