Corn: how to grow corn

Maize (scientifically called Zea Mais L.) is one of the most cultivated cereals, also widely used in industrial agriculture, as it is also used to produce flour and animal feed.

Keeping it in the garden is particularly satisfying because you get very good ears. This plant with its characteristic upright posture is part of the grass family. It was discovered by Europeans when they landed in America and quickly spread throughout the old continent.

Today corn is one of the main Italian crops, characteristic of the Po Valley. Flowering corn forms flowers of different sexes, requiring insects or wind for pollination.

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  • Climate and soil suitable for cultivation

  • How to plant corn

  • cultivation operations

  • Collection and use of cobs


Climate and soil suitable for cultivation

Weather . The corn plant is of tropical origin: it was discovered by European navigators on the island of Cuba, so it is easy to guess that corn is afraid of frost and excessive cold. The seed needs at least 12 degrees to germinate and takes 18 degrees to flower, its ideal temperature when forming the cob is between 20 and 25 degrees. Even too much summer heat can damage the crop, especially if accompanied by aridity. To grow corn, you need good exposure to the sun. As it is a tall plant, you have to be careful because a strong wind could break the stem.

Ground. Do not forget that corn is a plant of the grass family, it does not deny its kinship with the troublesome grass that adapts to any type of soil. The needs of Turkish wheat are few: a draining soil, possibly loose and rich in nutrients. To prepare the garden soil for planting maize, it is necessary to dig deeply, the seed being of good size, it is not necessary to particularly refine the seedbed, a rough rake will suffice. The incorporation of compost or mature manure as an organic fertilizer when tilling the soil before planting is very useful for production.

How to plant corn

Sow in the nursery. Corn is a slow plant, it takes up to five or six months to produce cobs, depending on the variety. For this reason it may be advisable to sow it in a container, in this way it is possible to anticipate sowing with a heated seedbed, then transplant the plants to the garden when the temperature allows it. The seed is placed at a depth of 2 centimeters.

Sow in the ground. If you want to put the maize kernels directly into the garden, you have to wait for the temperatures to rise again, so plant in late spring, usually from mid-April. In this case, we can make rows in which to put the seeds every 15 cm, to be diluted and then double the distances. The seed should also be placed in this case at least 2 cm underground.

Sixth of the corn planting. Corn plants should ideally be spaced 30/40 cm apart, between rows it is better to leave at least half a meter, so that they can pass even when the stalks become tall. Of course, you can plant thicker and thinner later, choosing which seedlings to keep.

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