Diseases of peach and apricot

According to a fairly widespread opinion, it is practically impossible to grow peach and apricot trees organically, since they are two delicate species that easily get sick and are attacked by many pests.

So, according to this conviction, to obtain a decent production, it is necessary to intervene with chemicals.

In reality, organic arboriculture today has valid means for the success of all crops, including peach and apricot, which are in fact two delicate species. The strategies and means of organic farming require perseverance and time to be adopted, otherwise it will be easy to show that it is not possible to cultivate by this method.

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  • problem prevention

  • Main diseases of peach and apricot

    • fishing blister

    • Monilia

    • Corynea

    • red dots

    • powdery mildew


problem prevention

First, prevention this already in the planning phase of the orchard. As a first rule, in fact, it is advisable to choose to plant peach and apricot trees that are genetically resistant or tolerant to the most common adversities, and at the time of planting it is necessary to choose the appropriate planting sites, taking into account the size of adult plants.

The following preventive measures are always applied after installation:

  • Pruning should be managed to maintain good canopy ventilation.

  • It is always necessary to remove infected plant parts from the orchard to prevent the spread of the disease, and this tip also applies to fallen leaves in autumn, which must be raked.

  • Irrigation should not be done by sprinkling, but only under the foliage, to dry the aerial part of the plant.

  • Fertilization must be balanced, never excessive, to avoid vegetative leafing which gives an excess of nitrogen which can also come from excessive doses of manure and which makes plant tissues less resistant.

Main diseases of peach and apricot

Now let’s see what are the main fungal diseases that affect both species of fruit.

beach bubble

It is the most common disease in peach trees. The fungus mainly destroys the leaves by creating reddish boils, but it also damages the flowers by deforming them and causing them to abort. For the installation of the disease, 7-8°C and a rain of a few hours are enough, so it often occurs at the beginning of the season, even when the plant is in a state of vegetative awakening.

During difficult springs, the plants can be completely defoliated, with very negative consequences on production. For this reason, just before opening the buds, it is advisable to carry out a preventive treatment with calcium polysulphide, an effective product, but provided that it is used with care, reading all the information on the labels . Subsequently, to limit treatments during the season, it is advisable to regularly spray the macerated equisetum, which protects against this pathology and those described below, because it has a reinforcing effect on the plants.

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