Blades and quality made in Japan

When pruning season begins in the orchard, there is plenty to do. This is why it is important to have good quality tools that allow us to work to the maximum, without wasting energy.

the bow saw plays an important role in pruning as it is the right tool for cutting large branches .

I would like to report saws produced by ARS, a very interesting brand of hand pruning tools, focused on the quality of the product, especially the steel.

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  • Japanese quality

  • A full range of professional tools

  • Why choose a quality saw

    • Blade life

    • a clean cut

    • Ergonomics


Japanese quality

Ars Company is a Japanese company, introduced in Italy by cormyk , specializing in hand pruning tools. The main strength of this reality lies in the blades, since the heart of its products is precisely cut steel.

This is particularly noticeable on sawing machines, where the blade represents the full functionality of the tool in the absence of a mechanism.

Steel made in Japan used by the ARS is a perfect alloy of iron and carbon hardened by a thermal process that maximizes the hardness and toughness of the metal.

A full range of professional tools

The fact that the company only handles hand-sized tools allows ARS to offer a comprehensive range of tools . We have already mentioned the ars shears, also in the hand saws we find different length measures and more basic or more professional proposals. There are saws with fixed or folding blades and also saws with telescopic extension.

Among the various products that I have had the opportunity to appreciate the resealable model CAM 18PRO an incredibly manoeuvrable hacksaw, while for larger branches the fixed blade model UV-32E .

Why choose a quality saw

Choosing a reliable tool is important especially when it comes to a delicate operation such as pruning fruit plants.

Blade life

The saw is a tool with a long and thin blade, which is compared to quite heavy branches. If the blade is not of good quality, it will quickly go bad. we will see it twist or lose its bite after a few uses.

The Japanese ARS saw steel is a good guarantee in this respect.

a clean cut

The cutting of provocative branches, with a diameter of more than 5 centimeters, is a fairly significant intervention in the plant. Sometimes he does it to renew old main branches or to eliminate diseased parts of the plant.

In order not to hurt the tree, you need to make a neat, clean cut which requires a well maintained blade.


Have comfortable grip prevents hand and arm fatigue for those who work a few consecutive hours in the orchard is essential.

The Ars proposals have well-designed ergonomic handles, without getting lost in unnecessary design features, but above all taking care of the practicality.

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