Dracaena lemon care and features

Dracena Limon is a very easy to care for plant

The Dracaena deremensis That is Lemon Dracaena is a very easy to care for plantcolorful and lively, provided you give it the care it needs.

The drácena lemon which is also known as the lime Dráctea limon, this belongs to one of the 40 varieties belonging to this botanical family which is characterized by the yellow lines that its leaves have. We refer to a plant intended for the interior of the house, for those who have the possibility of living in very cold climates and who wish to have the company of a plant without having to do a lot of work.


Characteristics of Lemon Dracaena

Features Dracena Limon

Despite the fact that lemon Dracaena and other congeners are very grateful and undemanding plants, if it is true that knowledge about your care is needed specifically to be able to take advantage of its terms. Therefore, we are talking about the fact that they have the opportunity to grow as they deserve, reaching a height of about two meters.

Each of its buds is discreet, however they have not ceased to be a symbol that represents well-being in the plantwhich has everything you need to be able to complete your cycle naturally.

It is important to know that it is a plant that don’t like too much humidity, as is often the case with all plants of tropical origin, but what is curious is that they do not tolerate drought very much. If we happen to water it too much, it is very likely that it will rot its roots, but if it happens that we do not manage to water it properly, we can tell by observing ourselves at the end of the leaves.

Lemon Dracaena treatment

To make a success of the nozzle of irrigation of this plant, it is necessary to be attentive to the substrate which must be slightly acidic so that in this way it has excellent conditions, so we can say that it cannot be completely dry but it must not be flooded either.

Apart from that as long as the winter lasts we have the possibility to reduce the irrigation every two weeks and by the end of the season, this must be accompanied by liquid fertilizer for green plants. A help of great importance, especially for specimens that have not been transplanted for a long time and also need important nutrients to be able to continue their growth and produce new leaves.

Discover the best Dracena lemon treatments

And although the most common thing is that we forget this common gesture of leaving the plate with a lot of water under the plant, it is important to remember add water using a sprayer to the surface of the leaves at least twice a week if we live where the climate is dry or we usually have heating. The best is to maintain the temperature, without too many variations between 16 and 22 degrees, to be able to grow the Dracaena.

Likewise, it can be of great help to mark each of the humidity needs.

Regarding lighting, the best thing is that it can receive an excellent amount of sunlight but avoiding it directly, especially in each of the summer months. Likewise, it is important to know that light is the main responsible for each of the colors that this plant has, so it must be received directly.

And the last thing we can mention is another of the curiosities with which we will end up falling in love with Dracena, so we can say that It is one of the plants responsible for purifying the air.

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