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When is a wheelbarrow not a wheelbarrow?

Bends in the wheelbarrow area are several hand-pulled or hand-pushed variations on essentially the same theme: a way to get x amount of stuff from A to B in a simple and convenient way. Not every wheelbarrow has to be a pan with two handles and a wheel. In fact, the best truck for your needs may turn out to be a dolly and then another dump truck.

As soon as you enter the cart area, the cart purists run for the hills. With a car, you’re talking about multiple wheels and a whole paradigm shift. You go from work forcing your shoulders to lazily stumble with just a little load on your arms and leg workout. The collapsible design, most would agree, is a big improvement over forcibly lifting an unruly wheelbarrow to empty it.

Wheelbarrow Review: Draper Garden Dumpster – Green

Looking a bit like a miniature garden pond on wheels, this nifty little vehicle is a sturdy transport cart that can easily be moved up to a maximum load of 200 kg. Ideal for transporting heavy bags of compost, piles of soil, manure, rubble and logs etc., the dumper attracts many customers who claim to have a totally abandoned wheelbarrow. It is also a real lifesaver for horse lovers, who have to provide feed buckets and hay nets for their four-legged cargo on a daily basis.

Although priced to fit an enthusiast’s budget, this car is also suitable for the seasoned professional. Add to that the long-established reputation of Draper products, making it an affordable and reliable piece of kit in the opinion of most buyers.

With its sturdy steel frame, ergonomic handlebars and impressive 75 liter capacity, this is a replacement wheelbarrow that rolls happily over the toughest terrain thanks to its four pneumatic tires. It is distributed over all four wheels.


  • The sturdy frame makes it easy to pull loads.
  • Suitable for all gardening purposes including hills and rough terrain.
  • The tilting design avoids gardener’s pain and aches.

the inconvenients:

  • Priced higher than economy trucks at £81.85
  • Assembly is complicated and requires two people.
  • Users report that they have to add their own metal washers to through bolts

As a durable and versatile alternative to standard wheelbarrows, the Draper Garden Kipper Cart may lose its traditional look, but users often convert it permanently. Could this be the best truck of the bunch?

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