How to buy a wooden fence for a terrace

wooden fence for patio

Privacy becomes more and more important, not wanting your neighbors to see you. For this reason, a wooden fence for a terrace is so important, because in this way you preserve what you are doing without others being able to see it.

But which are the best on the market? What do they depend on? How do you know what to look for before buying? If you are concerned about all these issues, we help you make a smart purchase.


Top 1. The best wooden fence for terraces


  • Resistant.
  • Made from a natural product.
  • Allows high concealment.

the inconvenients

  • It is rough to the touch (and may have thorns).
  • The slats are sometimes not straight and create voids.

Selection of wooden fences for terraces

If you want to vary the pleasures, here are some other wooden fences for terraces that could be interesting for your garden

Jardin202 – Caña Partida Nacional Natural Enclosure

In this case, the material that was used is a split natural hedge, 1 centimeter wide for each cane. It obtains an effective but also decorative result and each part is sewn with galvanized thread.

Mugar – Single Sided Natural Pine Bark Case

Available in different sizes, it offers concealment between 80 and 85%. It is always decorative, because it is tree bark tied with thread.

It is very easy to install and can withstand the weather, although it is best to apply a treatment.

Jardin202 – Single-Sided Natural Enclosure in Pine Bark

With this free-standing wooden shelter for bark terrace, you will have a rustic style on your terrace. It is made from sheets of pine bark sewn together using thread. The only downside is that sometimes there can be sheets that are not completely straight, which will create gaps between the areas. But they are not too wide.

Sol Royal SolVision B89 Natural Bamboo Cane Visual and Wind Protection Fence

It comes in different sizes, the one we reviewed being 100×300 centimeters. This is a natural bamboo cane privacy fence that is very easy to install and will withstand the weather. The good thing is that by having more sizes it can be adapted to what you are looking for in this type of accessory.

AD services Wooden separator panel for fences or ceilings

It is a 160×90 cm Venetian-style treated wooden fence. It is ideal for separating neighbors, fences, pergola roofs, etc.

The width of each plank is 22mm and approximately 6cm deep.

Guide to buying a wooden shelter for terrace

When buying a wooden fence for a terrace, you must keep in mind that its main purpose is none other than to limit the view of prying neighbors, as well as others whom you do not want to be able to see. what you do in your home. For this, it is not enough to take the cheapest; Nor with finding one that does a workaround but breaks easily. Want to know what to watch out for?


The first thing you need to know is not so much the size, but what you want to cover. You may prefer to cover only one part of your terrace leaving the next one free, so our advice is to measure the space of your terrace well and then what you really want to hide with these panels.


As you know, wood can be of many different colors. In addition to this, you can have certain treatments that lighten or darken the tone. In this case, it is better to let yourself be guided by the decoration of your terrace to choose the best one. Keep in mind that it will have to combine well with this location for it to blend into one.


And we come to the price. In most stores (unless you go to the lumberyards and you can find larger ones), the measurements are usually standard and are between 180 and 200 centimeters high and between 90 and 180 centimeters wide. But this may not be what you need, but more.

This is why the prices can be very varied since they will depend on the meters that you will have to cover. But to give you an idea, from 20-25 euros you can find speakers of a minimum size.

Or buy?

buy wooden terrace shelter

Finally, we only have to tell you where you can buy this product. And the truth is that, although there are many stores, we have focused on the places where this type of product is most often found. Do you want to know what you will find there? We explain it to you.


We start with Amazon, which is one of the stores where you will find the most variety, yes, but be careful with the prices because these can be too high for what it is. In this case, it is better to compare in external stores before launching. Especially because this way you can find the same product you have chosen and search for the same one but cheaper.

As advantages, Amazon offers you cases that you won’t see in other stores.

Brico Depot

In Bricodepot you will be able to find a specific category of enclosures where you will find several products, although you will have to filter a little between panels, doors, grills, fences, poles and modular enclosures.

As for the prices, they are not bad, although you must bear in mind that it is very likely that you will not be served with just one, but you will have to buy more to cover the part of the terrace that you wish.

Leroy Merlin

In the category of fences and concealment for gardens and terraces, you have the area of ​​concealment panels, where you can find wooden fences for terraces at different prices. These are very similar to the previous store, although perhaps due to the measurements you can find cheaper ones.

The importance of a wooden fence for a terrace is that it performs the function of limiting the view of others. But also succeed in creating a more intimate space and above all feel at ease. Do you already know which one you will choose?

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