Echo SRM-265L Brushcutter: Review

The SRM-265L is a medium-sized scrubber drier offered by the Japanese brand Chased . It is a very good machine with a 25 cylinder mixture engine. From the mechanical point of view, it is a machine with an excellent engine, not excessively noisy and above all economical in consumption. It is a model with a fairly contained weight, in fact it remains below 6 kg.

It is a versatile model, which lends itself to different types of work, both in the private garden and for professional use. Of course, the ideal brushcutter is one that is proportional to the amount of work you have to do: if you have to trim the edges of a small orchard you can easily choose a smaller machine than this Echo with 25 displacements, for example staying there I use the 21cc SRM-222ESL, with the advantage of an even lower price and less weight. If, on the other hand, you plan to use it frequently or need to cut medium to large extensions, this may be the “cheat” for you. The Echo SRM-265L is a reliable model even for several hours of work, but if you need to cut large areas, rough edges or small bushes, it is better to choose a more powerful model, perhaps with High Torque technology, U-handle or backpack. This tool is at its best when cutting grass with a string head.

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