Eco PB-250 blower for the garden

Keeping the garden tidy can be very tedious, especially in the fall when falling leaves require frequent cleaning.

Among the various gardening tools, a big help can come from a leaf blower, a tool that can quickly pick up dry leaves and grass clippings. We tested for you the Echo PB-250 handheld blower an extremely practical and large capacity blower.

This blower is equipped with a 25.4 cc Euro 2 internal combustion engine guaranteed for up to 300 hours of work, which allows low consumption and considerably reduced emissions. An important feature is the particular design of the blow tube, designed to reduce the operator’s effort thanks to better control of the rotational movements of the machine. The special blow tube prevents the tube from rolling with the tube towards the operator’s legs, providing a slight push in the opposite direction, reducing strain on the arm. In addition, this blower is equipped with a quick attachment system for the blower for greater ease and safety during use.

Another important feature of this Echo handheld blower is the simplicity and ease of use that stabilizes the air volume at the desired level without the operator having to hold the throttle trigger down during use.

It is a simple and powerful blower, ideal for the private user who needs a high quality machine for garden cleaning operations. For this model, as for all machines in the Echo range, it is possible to extend the warranty up to 2 years for professionals and up to 5 years for individuals.

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