English watering can

Today we are talking about a fundamental tool for gardening, so characteristic that it has become an icon of horticulture. For large extensions you have to think of more practical irrigation systems, but in most gardens the good old watering can is still used.

We present to you the Burgon & Ball watering can, made in the classic “old English” style with a refined vintage flavor, enamelled in colors as cheerful as they are elegant. This “watering can”, to put it in English, comes directly from Sheffield, Italy Burgon & Ball is distributed by Activa Smartgarden.

Layout and functionality in English

Our most loyal readers know that this blog is very down to earth (literally) and that we mainly focus on practical advice… The Burgon&Ball shower is not only designed and passes the test of functionality, with all the necessary features to do its job perfectly: an “onion” to gently soak even the youngest plants, easily removable and tiltable to adjust the sprayer to the best of its ability, a capacity of 5 liters, enough not to have to fill each plant, without being too heavy for the back, finally a wide handle with an ergonomic shape, to be comfortable both in transport and when tilting into the water.

For those who grow on the balcony or for indoor plants, there is also the smaller indoor irrigation version (with a capacity of 1.5 liters) but made in the same style, with a steel handle stainless steel and an unmistakable vintage design. A beautiful and useful object, which can be a very nice gift idea for urban gardeners and orchard balconies that grow with a certain style.

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