Garden Tool Storage Ideas

Are your gardening tools taking up space in your home or garage? Discover 5 practical outdoor storage ideas adapted to your needs.


The wooden cabins

garden shed

A more spacious but less confidential solution, the garden shed is a real practical advantage. Allowing you to store, protect or even organize, wooden sheds like these allow for versatile, spacious and stylish storage.

A shed can also allow gardeners and handymen to have a space dedicated to transplanting plants, carrying out small jobs or housing sensitive plants during the winter.

The log shelter

log shelter

For all fireplace enthusiasts, accustomed to storing firewood in small or large quantities, the pegs will help you organize your firewood storage, while bringing a touch of authenticity to your garden with its open front.

As practical as they are modern, log sheds are increasingly present in outdoor spaces and integrate perfectly with the different elements of your garden layout thanks to the different colors and sizes offered.

The outdoor garden cupboard

garden cabinet

No more dragging rakes and downed shovels. Thanks to the outdoor cabinets, you benefit from a practical storage space for your gardening tools, but also discreet and elegant. Particularly functional, they serve as fully dedicated ancillary rooms, saving considerable space. Very easy to assemble, a few screws will suffice to create a large and solid storage space.

In plastic, metal or wood, discover different models for all budgets, and in the color of your choice that will perfectly match your garden furniture. Something to meet all your needs. We recommend seeing outdoor cabinets like these to maximize your outdoor space.

Garden chest and chest bench

log garden bench

Whether you have a garden, a balcony or a terrace, the planter is storage that adapts to all environments. Ideal for storing your garden furniture, your cushions, your tools or even your swimming pool equipment, this outdoor storage can meet all your needs.

The storage bench will also be a solution to combine comfort, practicality and design with your outdoor layout.

the bin

trash can lid

Hide your trash cans with a modern and stylish trash can cover in your garden. It houses one or more baskets at a time, thanks to its interior in wood, plastic, metal, in the color of your choice.

These awnings are easy to set up and feature a door at the front and a cover at the top, for maximum discretion and convenience. Some models are also decorated with a flower box on the top, to match more easily the decoration of your garden.

You already know all the possibilities for creating modern and practical storage for the garden, in order to organize your outdoor space.

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