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The geranium is an ornamental plant that spread throughout Europe from the 17th century, when the Dutch and English colonizers, returning from South Africa, brought with them many botanical varieties originating in this part of the world. In addition to the beauty of its flowering, its many positive virtues on the human organism were immediately discovered: in particular, at that time, geranium was used as a healing agent. Today, geranium is used both for decorating balconies and gardens, as well as in cosmetics and herbal medicine. The botanical name of the genus to which it belongs is Pelargonium; the most common species is Pelargonium graveolens, which has an intense rose scent and small pink flowers that bloom from June to October. Being a subtropical plant, it likes high temperatures and sun exposure.

geranium essential oil

Most likely, each of us uses geranium essential oil several times, without being aware of it. In fact, it is a widely used ingredient in cosmetics, given its astringent properties. In herbal medicine, you can also find pure bottles, which can be used in many ways, for different purposes. Geranium essential oil has a very pleasant, fresh, sweet smell and a light green color. It is obtained by steam distillation of the flowers and leaves of plants. As we have said, from the earliest days when geranium was imported into Europe, it was used for therapeutic purposes, especially in trauma and injury, to stop bleeding. Today, geranium essential oil is still used for this purpose, but also for many other reasons.

The properties of geranium essential oil.

Therefore, the first property that geranium essential oil has is that it heals wounds and small wounds on the skin. In addition, it also has astringent properties, which apply equally well to oily skin, acne and boils. For this same prerogative, geranium essential oil is very suitable for anti-cellulite treatments and draining massages. If you have a sore throat or inflammation of the mouth, it can be useful as an antiseptic. In aromatherapy, using geranium essential oil helps you relax and focus, calm and soothe your nerves, and help you make important decisions. In cosmetics, it is used to moisturize dry or aged skin, and protects against the effects of winter cold. Ultimately,

Depending on the discomfort you want to treat, and the purpose for which you want to use geranium essential oil, you should prepare it in different doses and forms. For example, if you have a sore throat and want to rinse or gargle, you should dilute six drops of the oil in a glass of warm water. If, on the other hand, you want to massage the lower abdomen, due to menstrual pain, you should mix three drops of geranium essential oil with a tablespoon of almond oil. This same composition is also suitable for anti-cellulite pouches. To treat oily skin and acne, simply place six drops of the oil in a cup of water, then dip a cotton handkerchief in it, rubbing the affected areas. If you put geranium essential oil in aroma diffusers,

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