Private gardens – Tips for my vegetable garden


Private gardens: project

Before you start working on your own greenery, it is advisable to create a plan to follow in the early stages of processing, this means getting a complete picture of the available space and being able to make the most of its potential. flowered, those of passage and those dedicated to other uses, such as car parks or swimming pool, barbecue area, etc. As part of designing a garden, it is a good idea to take notes on the type of plants you want to plant. cultivate and the use for which they are intended: for example simple gardening, or cultivation of aromatic plants or simply lawns. Finally, save the project for future use.

Private gardens: lighting

The lighting of private gardens is a fundamental prerogative for its care and beauty, it does not imply the insertion of lights where it is not necessary, on the contrary, it is essential to identify the points where these- these are essential and then to complete with those that First, it is better to insert light points in all the paths where a pedestrian crossing is planned: those that lead from the garage to the house, or those that lead from the house at the swimming pool, etc. the place where you plan to place the garage and others at the entrance of your house, so that it is clearly visible. The arrangement of the other lights will be done when the garden is finished and you want to highlight some cultivated plants.

Private gardens: flowers and plants

The most important part in creating private gardens is deciding which plants to grow and which flowers to put in them. First of all, it is recommended to contact experts in the field if you are not: it is important to know in detail which plants are suitable for the temperatures where you live and the care necessary for its growth. Also, try to alternate evergreen plants with those that only bloom at certain times of the year: this way you will never have a completely bare garden and if you have the chance you can decide to dedicate part of the garden to cultivation. fruit trees and aromatic plants, which you can resort to when you need them.

Private gardens, especially if located in very large spaces, require constant and careful maintenance to ensure lush and healthy growth. For this, it is advisable to write down precisely all the attention that each plant in your garden needs: if you have the possibility, get a small house in the garden where you will have all the necessary materials and tools. If you are not an expert on the subject, or do not have the time or skills available, contact experienced personnel who are prepared to perform maintenance tasks periodically throughout the year. Remember that plants and flowers need attention or they are bound to wilt and wilt almost instantly.

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