Home remedies for green pool water

The swimming pool construction has skyrocketed in recent years and whether recessed or not, it is necessary that they have proper maintenance to prevent water from turning green.

Did you know that bathing in the green water of a swimming pool can be harmful to your health?

For this reason, it is extremely important to prevent the water from taking on this color. Therefore, we have prepared an article, where we will explain the Home remedies for green pool water What should you use to get the best results?

Surely you think that keeping water transparent is a difficult task, but in reality it costs nothing if you pay attention to a series of details. Do you want to meet them?

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What is the green color of the water due to?

If your pool has green water, the only explanation is that it has created algae. However, to restore the water to its original transparency, it is necessary to know the degree of soiling of the water.

In fact, the first thing to test is whether the the greenish color is light or very intense. Keep in mind that algae proliferate quickly in swimming pools and the more intense their color, the more difficult it will be to kill them.

However, if your swimming pool contains algae, it is because you did not use enough chlorine to disinfect the water.

Currently, there are many brands and varieties of chlorine to choose from, but the truth is that with a 5-action chlorine, you can combat the appearance of algae without a problem.

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How to get rid of green pool water with home remedies?

This kind of Home remedies for green pool water They do not always give good results, since the degree of algae encrustation in your pool and the pH value in which it is found greatly influence.

Here is a series of recommendations:

  • If you want to lower the pH of the water and you don’t have anything on hand, you can use vinegar. The ideal proportion is 10 cubic meters for each liter of vinegar. This amount will help you lower the pH by 0.2.
  • If you want to raise the pH, you can use washing soda. Keep in mind that in order for the pH to rise by 0.2, you need to use 5 grams of soda per cubic meter.
  • You can use vitamin C as a chlorine replacement to make your water even more crystal clear, but in no way will it act as an algaecide.
Home remedies for green pool water

How to remove green pool water with chemical remedies?

If you tried the Home remedies for green pool water and they didn’t work for you. It’s probably because it’s already too late and your pool has completely turned green. Now is the time to thoroughly clean it with chemical remedies.

Next, we tell you the steps you need to take to have your pool spotless.

  • Clean the surface of the pool with a net to remove leaves, algae and dirt from the first layer of water. When you have it clean, you can immerse the net to continue cleaning the areas accessible to it.
  • Once you’ve removed the thicker, more consistent items, it’s time to use a brush with a stick to scrub the areas of the walls and floor that have been most stained with algae.

You will know they are clean when no dirt is visible and no have a viscous consistency. Similarly, for more encrusted areas, a nylon bristle brush can be used.

In exchange, if you have a concrete pool without paint you can always use a steel bristle brush which is much more effective in cleaning the most adherent areas. Although it is not recommended for use in tiled or inflatable pools as it will cause scratches and punctures.

  • Once you have removed the dirt from the walls and floor, you should use a bottom cleaner to suck up all the dirt you have released.

During this process, vto lose a considerable amount of waterbut it does not matter, because it will be used to renew part of the water of your swimming pool when you fill it completely.

  • When you have sucked up the dirt, proceed to fill the pool.
  • When you have the desired water level, it’s time to check the pH of the water. Keep in mind that optimal values ​​should be between 7 and 7.4.

If the pH is excessive, you should reduce it with a chemical aggregate and if it is rare, you must increase it with more granulated.

  • Then use shock chlorine depending on the type of dirt you got as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Clean the sand and voila!
  • Now you can swim in crystal clear water.

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