How to make a cactus rock garden

If you have a garden and you have thought about decorating it with stones and plants with low water consumption, there is nothing more original and attractive than a rock garden. However, would you know how to make a cactus rock garden in your garden?

Currently, cactus rockeries have become fashionable in outdoor decoration magazines and for this reason we bring you some very useful tips.

Have you thought about where you want to install yours?

It is vitally important that the rockery be in a colorful side where there is sunbecause cacti like this climate.

Most people may think that cacti barely need water, but they’re wrong. Indeed, the cactus is composed mainly of water and must be nourished so as not to lose its color and its texture.

You also don’t need to water them daily, but it will suffice to water them a few times a week.

In the same way, you should use moderate irrigation in your rock garden, avoiding flooding at any time. If it’s very hot, you can even sprinkle their skewers with a little water.


What is a cactus rock garden?

The rockeries are groupings of rocks and plants which simulate a kind of natural waterfall. In fact, rock gardens claim that water flows through them when it rains.

With the rockery we want to make a recreation of nature as exact as possible. So if you have stairs, waterfalls, fountains and decorative elements, you will need to make sure that the the contours are free and natural.

to create the best rock gardenyou should avoid perfectly shaped and polished edges, because what you should be looking for is the rustic touch in your composition.

Also, rockeries should be spaces that are wide and in which there is nothing to distract us, so if you have a tree in the area, you should cut it down or make it fit naturally into it.

Plants for cactus rock garden

recommendations for the rockery

Here are some recommendations on how to make a cactus rockery easily.

  • Introduces moving water into the composition of the rock garden. To do this, you can create an artificial fountain in the form of a waterfall and use plants, or rocks, to cover the pipes.
  • If your garden is small, you can create a boundary wall and cover it with shrubs so that it looks like the plants are delimiting the area and not the wall you have created.
  • Make sure that where you make the rock garden there is soil with good water drainage. Otherwise the cacti would suffer from puddles due to the rains and it would not be good for them.

How to place the stones of your rock garden

As in any good construction, you must place the big stones first and create a kind of backbone that marks the direction to follow in your garden.

Once you have the larger volume rocks in place, you can fill in the blanks or layer smaller rocks on top of it. Play with the shapes and colors and you will see how beautiful it is.

Our recommendation is that the rocks that remain in view show the most eroded side of them. In this way, the composition will be much more realistic.

Did you know that rocks must be buried at 2/3 of their volume to be stable?

Also, don’t forget leave small spaces between them, to be able to place cacti and give a more natural look to the composition.

Things to keep in mind when building a rock garden

Here are some tips to keep in mind when building a rock garden:

  • When you have it built, it is important that you only plant cacti and other plants at least two weeks after you have made the rock garden. This way the soil will have settled and it will be easier for your plants to survive in this environment.
  • Avoid creating large groups of plants and use odd numbers for planting.
  • Place the cacti on a step and consider details such as their color, shape and bloom.
  • The rock garden may seem bare for the first two years, but you can line it with seasonal plants like pansies to give it a colorful and personalized touch.

Can we create rockeries inside the house?

The answer is yes.

Indeed, you can buy a pot or a planter and create a very colorful little rockery.

You can even use your cactus rockery in your home office to create a healthy workspace.

Did you know that cacti can trap electromagnetic waves emitted by computers, Wi-Fi and other devices in your home?

So having a rockery in your workplace is a decorative and healthy element. What are you waiting for to create yours?

You can choose from over 400 cactus species that currently exist in the world. Which do you prefer?

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Choosing Cactus Rock Garden Plants

What plants can you combine with cacti in your rock garden?

The plants that you can associate with the cacti of your rockeries are:

  • Shrub.
  • Dwarf conifers.
  • Perennial plant.
  • bulbs.
  • delicious

Recommended cactus and succulent species

However, you must choose the the plants best suited to your climate zone. You can consult the specialist at your nearest nursery when you go to acquire them.

In fact, there are people who have come to decorate their rock gardens with artificial flowers, but with time and the incidence of sunlight, these types of plants end up deteriorating. Therefore, we recommend that you always use natural plants.

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